Mini Birthday Ten

I had a cute little blog post going when I accidentally deleted it. Here are the bullet points:

* It’s almost spring!
* WEF is crawling…forward
* Favorite words are cat and dada
* Big sis is gearing up for kindergarten
* Time is speeding by!



Mini Birthday Nine

Time is flying…another month closer to turning one!

Sleep Training, or Not

I have a confession. William isn’t sleeping through the night yet, and I kind of don’t mind. Don’t get me wrong. I do mind the forgetful mushy brain that creeps into my workday, but I don’t mind these quiet moments.
He was sleeping pretty well until he started teething. There are some other factors involved. I have spent too much time getting Estelle to sleep all night for almost 5 years, and the results are mediocre. STILL. Why bother? I might just ride the wave, and see where William ends up. I have resources and know-how if I want to course correct. Also, soothing a baby without picking him up is kind of hard to do when the kids share a room. Seemingly endless crying is involved, and nobody wants both kids up at the same time. Has anyone had much luck with shared rooms and getting babies to sleep for longer stretches?

While we are on the subject of sleep, I might just skip folding laundry in favor of an early bedtime.


Mini Birthday Eight

20140127-143845.jpgThe photo was only 1 day late, but this post is a whopping 12 days late! I have resorted to blogging on my phone/iPad because our laptop is full and needs some TLC.

Why fiddle with technology when we have these two hams to entertain us constantly?!

Let’s see, Willie is full of tricks these days…clapping, waving, bumping his head and sprouting teeth. He remains a sweet smiley boy, and Estelle remains a great big sister. We are lucky in so many ways, and I never take that for granted.

Happy Early Groundhog Day,


Mini Birthday Seven

It’s that time again, folks. Baby boy is seven months old today. We just found his first tooth yesterday. That, along with his first ear infection, would explain the poor sleeping! He is sitting by himself with fewer topples, and his legs go so fast when he’s on his tummy. Mobility is imminent.

Christmas is 10 days away, how did that happen?! Enjoy the season with your nearest and dearest.


Mini Birthday Six

6 months?! Time flies. The other man of the house has a birthday this week too. Happy Birthday, David!


Mom Badge

Here I am procrastinating the inevitable, an uncomfortable night of sleep. Between acid reflux, swelling, tingling in my arms and hands, and general hugeness, I just don’t want to lay down! A Lazy Boy recliner would be nice right about now. In fact, I did not want to get out of my dentist’s chair the other day, it was the perfect cradle.

While it’s easy for me to dwell on my discomfort right now, I am finding joy in having my belly no longer hidden behind coats. Being pregnant is like wearing the most socially recognized mom badge. We can wear rings to signify we are engaged or married, but there’s nothing quite comparable to tell the world you are a parent. I guess ugly bumper stickers can do the job, but that doesn’t work if you don’t have a car! Having your kids by your side is a good indicator too, but I spend a good chunk of my days without kids.

Right now, my big belly tells the world I am a mom. Luckily, no sane city person will dare to touch your belly, but they gladly engage you in conversation. Men, women, old or young…they all ask, when are you due? Is this your first? Boy or girl? A woman on the bus told me I was glowing today. People are just nicer to you, and for that, I am thankful.

My coworkers surprised me with a gift basket today. I had requested no shower since we have almost everything we need. Instead, they gave me chocolate covered figs, ginger treats, a gift card for a massage, and this very appropriate card that made my eyes a bit misty.



Here is David’s latest Portuguese beer cap bump photo. I promise to put the whole series (plus some) in one big post after baby!


I’m seriously craving beer these days. I also came across a drink called the Tallulah. It’s a Coke, peanut and whiskey drink that I must have ASAP.┬áCoke and peanuts, a blast from my southern past! I might have to enjoy that pair without whiskey for the time being. What better time than when you can afford the extra calories?



[Image from Garden and Gun, recipe by Ollie Irene]

How’s that for a late night tangent? Bottoms up!