catch a wave and a nap

A little video from our day at the beach…

Father and daughter napping on the beach


A real blog post…

…complete with no photos!  As evidenced by the lack of blog posts in recent days, we have been quite busy.  D just finished up the 6th of 7 architecture exams, fingers crossed for a passing score.  With D busy at work and home, that means I have been busy with E.  Now, on to the star of the blog.  E took her first steps this week…at daycare of course!  Her walking has been replicated at home, but I don’t know that D has witnessed it yet.  We have lots of fun events coming up, so expect more photos and videos in the coming days.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and take a moment to remember those who have sacrificed everything to keep our country safe!



E Eats Everything!

We found a music video that sums up Estelle these days quite nicely…

Wager Won!

Estelle’s glad her dad’s team won out and evened the family betting — one last summer for Avo’s Red Sox and now one for one of Papa’s teams!  This Flyers potato head sure will complement the Phillies potato head in her room quite nicely!  Oh, and we’re looking forward to this garden gnome looking over our backyard after this summer’s Phils/Sox matchup…

Hangin’ on the Stoop

Philadelphia vs. Boston, Wager #2

Following up on last summer’s Phillies / Red Sox series & the Boston onesie that Estelle wound up in, Round 2 is for a mulleted Mr. Potato Head!