Eleven Reasons for a Room Switch

Estelle and I left Philly on Saturday. We are currently stuck in sunny Florida with a cute newborn and great family. Darn! Lola and Estelle’s stuffed animals are “helping” David weather the storm. All is well in Philly, or so I am told. Our block still has power, which is not surprising given the density of buildings and lack of trees. Our original flight home was supposed to be on Tuesday, but I changed it to Thursday to give Philly some time to get back on track, literally because we need to take the train home from the airport!

David has been busy switching rooms, hanging out, watching football, working from home, texting me photos of our beach haunts under water, and clearing out the fridge. I think he misses us crazy girls…maybe?

So yeah, what’s that about switching rooms? Even though we had not even completed the finishing touches on Estelle’s room, we decided to move her to the back room. Why?!?

You saw that right! We are adding a tiny and loud human to the mix in May, and the semi-shared room set up will temporarily work much better this way. Best to do it now, so Estelle doesn’t feel like she’s getting the boot to a smaller, less purple room. Don’t worry, we plan to lavish her with a cool bed tent/canopy and a dream light!

Here is what we have so far…photos by David. Tweaks will probably be made over the next 7 months!



Are we finding out the gender this time? No! David has convinced me to be surprised. Will we possibly put a boy in a purple room? Yes! I think we can make it work until we are settled and ready to tackle house projects again…in 2015.

Baby Feaster’s due date is May 20, 2013. I am nearly out of the first trimester, at 11 weeks. The ultrasound is of the baby around 9 weeks. I started showing almost right away, so this is old news for the people we see most often. It took me entirely too long to come up with a way to make a digital announcement! Oh, and I’m too tired to blog most nights.

What does queenie think? Estelle insists the baby is a girl, and her name is Elizabeth. We will see how long that lasts, tonight she wanted to name it Trash Can.

It looks like we will be trick or treating in Florida. We will attempt to take a good cousins-in-costume photo! Expect another blog post this week…because that’s what happens when I don’t work most of the week.

Happy Halloween! My thoughts are most definitely with my friends and family dealing with this Frankenstorm!



8 Responses to Eleven Reasons for a Room Switch

  1. Dale says:

    I will never get to sleep now… A baby on top of my leaving tomorrow for my adventure. Too,uch excitement for 1 night. My adventure will last 6 weeks and yours will last for years of joy! Congratulations! Love from everyone in Columbus.

  2. Jane deubler says:

    Congratulations Dave, Stephanie and Estelle! Very exciting and happy news for all of you! Glad you and Estelle are safely in Florida enjoying great weather and family! We survived the storm here–lost power for several hours but past that fine. John on Long Island is without power for who knows how long. Thanks for letting us know. Love to all! Jane

  3. Marggy Clingan says:

    Congratulations to the Philadelphia Feaster Family!! Estelle will be a great big sister. Glad to hear that you are all safe during Sandy’s wrath.

  4. Kate says:

    Ah! I had a sneaking suspicion when you said that you could have written my “Smarter Second Time Around” post!! Congrats to you three– what an adventure it will be. I feel ya on the showing early part, and my exhaustion has never quite dwindled away, here’s to hoping yours does! Oh, and May 20th is my birthday! Alright, here’s to a sweet Spring surprise baby Feaster! xoxo

  5. Christina says:

    That’s great news! Congrats to you and the rest of the Feaster clan! Hopefully the nickname “Trash Can” won’t stick around for too long. 😉

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  7. congratulations, such exciting news! purple is definitely for boys too. this is what I tell the kiddo when he comes home (sadly) saying that the girls at preschool say pink and purple are only for girls. huh!

    • Yes…just yesterday I had to remind my girl that boys and girls can wear whatever colors they like best! Purple can be masculine and regal, at least that will be our aim if we have a boy.

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