Just Another Weekend

This is just a very quick recap of our quiet weekend home! SOMEONE has complained about the lack of new blog posts. I just feel like we aren’t doing anything very exciting right now, so there hasn’t been much to report. It’s the calm before the storm…the storm of new adventures!

Estelle’s newest post-dinner activity has been to clear off a dance floor and boogie. She was showing off her spinning skills on Saturday night! We have even better (more embarrassing) video we took after this, but we will save that for her future boyfriends and/or anyone who asks to see it in person!

We met up with my uncle, aunt, and three cousins on Sunday morning. They were on their way home from spring break. They spent the night in Philly, and we jumped at the opportunity to eat a huge breakfast and go on a quick walking tour of Center City! Check out some of our silly photos. I know my uncle took some good photos, he had his nice camera…we had iPhones.







Until next time!



Princess Dominos

Estelle Room Update

It’s been awhile since I have posted about the progress on the kids’ room(s). Technically, it is one room with a doorless doorway that separates two small rooms. Each space is defined enough to have it’s own look. Estelle’s current room was her former nursery, and we haven’t moved any of the wall hangings to accomodate the new set up. Although, that shuffle will probably just be limited to the non-plaster wall opposite her bed to make touch ups easier. We’re not going too crazy with the redecorating this time. We will likely do some room shuffling again in the next 2-3 years with the hope of squeezing two single beds into one room and adding a sofa bed for guests in the other room…some way, some how.

Anyways, on with the short tour (it’s a small room).

DSC_0085I think we’ve only made two changes since our last post, the addition of the net canopy and the kid’s coat rack as hanging storage. Both are from IKEA. We’ve done some minor rearranging of bins, baskets, and toys. Those seem to be ever-changing.

DSC_0078The drawing and silhouette below are some of my favorite finds from David’s Grandmom’s house. We need to move them over a bit.  Even Estelle acknowledges that they get in the way of her coat rack.

DSC_0091The kitty mobile below has been in the room since Estelle was a wee baby. Sometimes, we name the cats and tell stories about them before bed. They may get moved again if I ever finish some pom-poms for the canopy. You can find this mobile and many more mobile designs from Salty and Sweet on Etsy.

DSC_0090There’s nothing too remarkable about the area around the shallow shelves. The two vintage suitcases hold her dress-up clothes. We may need to add to the case collection as she adds to her dress-up collection.

DSC_0086Although the house was empty while I was taking these photos, Lola kept trying to photo bomb my efforts. She likes the net canopy almost as much as Estelle!

DSC_0077One quick photo of the baby’s room. It’s still purple, and will remain that way. I have slowly been trying to take away the more girlie things in case we bring home a little boy. The crib is nearly ready, I just need to empty out that pile of Estelle’s outgrown clothes. There’s still much to do to get ready for baby, but it mostly involves us bringing stuff up from the basement, sorting it, and giving it a good wash.


Thanks for joining us on the tour! Please ask if you see something you like, and you want to know where to get it. I will do my best, the rooms are a good mix of new and vintage.


Vermont Photos

It has been one week since we returned home from an amazing winter wedding weekend in northern Vermont. My cousin and his beautiful bride tied the knot at The Round Barn. It was such a fun and cozy wedding, but I don’t have any bride and groom photos. I always skip that part because I know they are paying big bucks for professionals to get good shots of them. A good portion of my family stayed at a large and well-appointed house on a few acres. The only time we left the house was to play outside and go to the wedding. It was a bit cold, and we really just wanted to relax. I played hair stylist a bit before the wedding, and nearly ran out of time to do my own hair…of course! Estelle had a blast playing with big cousin, Sarah, and dancing with her little cousin, Charlie. She didn’t make it through the whole reception, as you can tell. It’s a good thing we let her bust some moves during dinner. Please enjoy our handful of photos, just click to enlarge.

I’ll be back very soon with an update to Estelle’s room!