Mini Birthday Six

6 months?! Time flies. The other man of the house has a birthday this week too. Happy Birthday, David!



Halloween 2013

Halloween was nearly a week ago, and we’re moving on to Thanksgiving. Estelle was the creative force behind these costumes. She very badly wanted to be a My Little Pony, and she insisted that William join in on the fun. They dressed up as Twilight Sparkle and her sidekick, Spike the Dragon. I guess this makes William a Baby Brony, at least until he forms his own opinion about My Little Pony!



I call those semi-homemade costumes. I used H&M tops and bottoms as the base, and worked around that. Estelle’s cutie mark and tail aren’t visible. I left off a tail for William since there was no way it would be seen. I made the hat and bib out of green fleece and an extra striped shirt.

Next year I’m buying costumes, you heard it here first.

Bring on the turkey and stuffing!