Phillies 2012

We hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was productive in that low key way where you stay in pajamas all day, yay! Clarification, David and Estelle got dressed for both days, I did not.

Although David had been to a Phillies game this season, all three of us finally made it to a game on Saturday night. The weather was slightly wet at first, but very pleasant once we got to our seats. We got there very early, and had to wait at the gates, but that allowed us to beat the crowds and eat at Harry the K’s for the first time ever. Estelle did great, despite missing a nap earlier in the day. We made it through all 9 innings, and to top if off, the Phillies won! Estelle was no match for the walk to the subway…she was pretty much out until 7 am the next morning.



I’m going to make this a quick little post because I need to get to bed. Enjoy these handful of pictures, and stay tuned for more finished photos of our bedroom and other rooms in the house. We actually got around to hanging art this weekend, finally!




Estelle’s Winners

We figured since she’s got this verbal communication thing down this year, she’s surely old enough to answer questions & fill out her own bracket. Notice the bias toward things of particular interest: the “witches” (Wichita State), Davidson (Daddy’s name), Norfolk State (where Nana & Avo live), Gonzaga (just plain old fun to say). As for her champ, one of her favorite characters at the Jim Henson exhibit at the zoo last year was a monkey named “The Douc” (pronounced “duke”)… We’ll see if it’s a perfect bracket!


Gameday x2

Big day for the Phillies and Hokies!


2011 Bocce Champions

Thanks in large part to Estelle’s support, dad’s team came away champs! Here are some photos from the day’s event, leading off with Estelle’s sheer admiration for her dad’s skills (yes, that’s David, not Johnny Cash — I guess the all black & sunglasses look was an intimidation thing)…

Snacks with Nathan:

Estelle did a great job learning to “look not touch” this season…

There was music and food all day, so Estelle got her share of dancing in:

David & Chris await the start of the Finals:

A bocce action shot of Chris (our neighbor & David’s teammate):

Victory! The winners pose in front of the bracket, spoils in hand. Time to go out to dinner and blow our winnings all in one place!

And a link to the bocce website with more photos and some video:

Show ‘N Tell

Off to school this morning with the beach on her mind! Estelle  needed her show ‘n tell to be a sand bucket (though not completely apparent in this photo)… And she’s still insistent upon dressing herself these days- notice the Eagles shirt in honor of last night’s Vicktory- preseason’s over, now onto the real games!


Renzo and the Riversharks

Renzo and the Riversharks — sounds like it could be the name of the next big musical act, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a better description of our Saturday night in Camden. (Who knew you could have such a good time in America’s most crime-ridden city?!) Independent League baseball, complete with a carousel in the stadium! Oh, and Estelle thought she’d make an impression on Renzo by showing off her bubble-blowing prowess before we went over there…

Fun fact #1: On the field, the Camden Riversharks’ opponent was a team called ROAD WARRIORS. Yes, that’s right, a team without a home — they play all 100+ games of their season as the visiting team. Now that’s a lot of travel!

Fun fact #2: One of these two 2008 World Series heroes now bats 4th for the Camden Riversharks…






Soccer Ballerina