Daddy’s Helper

Estelle was very excited to help us on Sunday. Her interest eventually wore off without any paint disasters, so the girls watched Snow White while David painted in peace.


Masks on, or mask packaging…whatever works. Note: this plastic packaging did not pose any suffocation hazard, despite appearances!

We were majorly disturbing Lola with all of the rearranging and drop cloths, so she burrowed.

Sanding is done, next up: PAINT! Glidden Duo, Eggshell (should have gone with flat), Deep Amethyst

That’s purple!

Estelle had the honor of first brush stroke.

Slight skill discrepancy?

Can you even tell there used to be a door here?!

The other side of the project, yet to be completed. Our bedroom needs lots of TLC…new paint, finished trim, window shades, different light fixture, maybe even a new bed! We will keep you posted as we get things done, slowly but surely.



Purple Wall

A quick post to show you the purple wall results. We will be back soon with loads of photos of our little helper and the wall in progress. Besides, Estelle’s room is nowhere near being complete. We still have to paint/touch up white walls and trim, get a new bed and mattress, spray paint photo frames, and create a new gallery wall. There are not enough weekends in the year!

The results: Estelle LOVES the purple wall. David and I like the color, but hate that we picked eggshell paint…such a dark color shows up pretty shiny. It could be a blessing in disguise if Estelle ever takes a crayon to her wall, but we aren’t concerned enough to repaint it within the next couple of years!

Some quickly-posted, unedited photos for your viewing pleasure:


Making Salad with Nana

Boober Fraggle Twins

Happy Valentine’s Day

From a crazy cat lady in training…


She’s Crafty…

…she’s just my type. Valentine’s Day is admittedly not my favorite Hallmark holiday, but Estelle and I will use any reason to break out the glitter glue. We made some treat bags for Estelle’s teachers and classmates. Check out the results. I didn’t get any photos of the artists in action, but David has promised to follow-up with a Valentine’s Day post. Estelle has her outfit already picked out, but we’ll see what she thinks in the morning.


Random Silliness

Just downloading a few photos from the past few weeks — Estelle chasing me & the camera with a rubber band, exercising, doing her THAT’S AMAZING face, showing off that she dresses herself, and conducting some kind of orchestra in the kitchen…