Philadelphia Dessert Trifecta

This post is a week delayed, but better late than never! Two weekends ago, we made the 2 mile walk up to the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. Our main goals were to show Estelle the Liberty Bell (without waiting in line to actually go in) and to get some sweet treats at Franklin Fountain. We so rarely get to Old City, and I’m not sure why that is. It’s not really on our way to work, so that could be a likely explanation. We definitely need to make it a more regular destination, so we can introduce Estelle to all of the U.S. history sites Philadelphia has to offer (and eat more Franklin Fountain).

Estelle was not impressed by our window view of the Liberty Bell on Chestnut Street…it might be better to see it at night. We got to the adorably old fashioned Franklin Fountain, only to remember that it is cash only, and we had minimal cash. I had to skip my milkshake, but Estelle got strawberry ice cream on a sugar cone. David and I were on clean up duty. Lucky for us grown ups, eating an ice cream cone is a learned skill that comes with age (and that does not include age 3).

Slightly bummed, we decided to walk a bit to one of Stephen Starr’s newer restaurants, Pizzeria Stella, for some real food. Pizzeria Stella is just south of Old City, on Headhouse Square in the Bella Vista neighborhood. We walked by the three I.M. Pei condo buildings on our way there. Estelle was inspired by the architecture, and wanted to do some running and gymnastics.

Pizzeria Stella was great! We were there for a late lunch, so it was quiet. The pizza was fast, brick oven, thin crust, gooey goodness. The decor is spot on, I loved the wall of wood for the fire and the leaning tower of Pisa wall paper. Despite my decor love, I failed to take many photos!


The Philadelphia dessert trifecta happened kind of organically. After we left Pizzeria Stella, we had to walk all the way back home. On the way, we passed by Rita’s. David really wanted to stop there, so we did. He got a cherry water ice, and shared with Estelle. I held out for our next stop.

We had to keep going to our local beer store, so I took the opportunity to treat myself to some Capogiro gelato. It was recently voted Coolest Place to Eat Ice Cream in the entire world by National Geographic…not too shabby. I got my favorite, dark chocolate with stracciatella, but I had to share with Estelle.

It was a beautiful afternoon of sharing desserts and trying new pizza. The gorgeous weather helped tremendously! If you ever want to visit the Philadelphia/New York areas, I highly recommend May/June or September/October for the best weather months.

Did you all do anything fun and/or local this past weekend? We were in the country visiting family. I will do my best to blog about our weekend fun as soon as possible!


Ocean City Photo Booth: Year Four

Our Jilly’s Arcade photo booth results are in! As I scanned through old blog posts, I realized we completely forgot to post last year’s photo booth experience. Oops. As an extra bonus (because it can be time consuming to click on old blog posts), you can find all four years below. What was the major difference this year? We had a willing participant in Estelle, complete with smiles and funny faces on command. She is most definitely our big girl.

How’s that for a little walk down memory lane? A very short walk! I hope you all had the splendid weather we had this weekend. I will be back later this week with a little post about our quiet weekend at home, which included a Philadelphia dessert trifecta.


The Other Jersey Shore

It’s Jersey Shore time…not the Jersey Shore crawling with drunk guidos and guidettes, but the one with old stately houses, manicured lawns, wide beaches, delicious caramel corn, and Lucy the Elephant. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Jersey Shore (Atlantic City excluded), then you really are missing out! I know not everyone will agree, but Atlantic City is not my place. Casinos are majorly depressing, thanks to the loss of money, lack of windows, ugly carpeting, and plenty of cigarette smoke. BUT, if you drive just a few minutes south of Atlantic City, you will get to Margate City. That’s where we spent this past weekend with our good friends.

On Saturday, the wind was high and the sand was biting, so we hightailed it to the playground, and walked down to see Lucy the Elephant. We walked home on the beach with the wind at our backs, and made it in from gathering food and drinks just in time for the rain to start. Sunday proved to be the most perfect of beach days. It was a little warm AND a little chilly, depending on the clouds. The water was rough, but the kids had fun in the shallow surf. We wrapped up our weekend with an evening trip to the Ocean City boardwalk, our usual hang out this time of year.

Without further ado, here are our photos:

Yes, we remembered our annual Jilly’s Arcade photo booth trip! Have I remembered to scan that photo? No. That’s OK, I will devote a separate post to this year’s photo booth experience in a couple of days.

Another weekend is already upon us…no tears here! Do you all have any fun plans? We’re sticking around town. We have a couple of adventures planned in between the drudgery of chores and work.

Happy Weekend (Almost),


American Idol: South Philadelphia

20120910-220730.jpgOk, so maybe she’s not really American Idol material quite yet. The girl loves a stage, and even made one out of Harry Potter books in her room! Although we have a great neighborhood school, it would be foolish not to apply to Performing Arts Charter School when kindergarten comes knocking (in 2 very short years).

I tried to pick my favorite video, but couldn’t…so you get all three. The last one is rather screamy, but the end is hilariously dramatic.

What does she keep looking at? Herself in the mirror 🙂

Future Estelle, you gave me permission to film this and put it on the blog. You were proud, and rightfully so. I hope you can laugh about it, no matter your age!

I hope this post tides you all over until I have a chance to do a Jersey Shore recap! For now, I need to catch up on laundry and sleep.


Ballet Class

It would be mean of me to withhold these photos for very long. Little girls in ballet gear ranks pretty high on the cute scale. Estelle’s first dance class went well. She has a few buddies in her class, so she was just fine when it came time for us parents to leave. We think she loves it, and the lollipop after every class is icing on the top!

20120908-141231.jpgEstelle bombarded “Sylvie’s tile shop” for a few minutes after class.

Check out this blast from the past. I think I was about 5, and I still miss that tutu.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Labor Day Recap

While Philadelphia celebrated Labor Day weekend with Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival, we avoided the madness and skipped town. Destination: Fenwick Island, DE. The weather was just OK…very humid. The beach was taken over by biting flies for two whole days. Although, the land breeze provided us with calm waters for Estelle to practice her swimming and try some boogie boarding! We splurged on some lobsters, saw a blue moon rise, created sand masterpieces, and enjoyed the sweetness of Fractured Prune donuts. Fractured Prune gives Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts a run for their money, even if they lack the fried chicken. Please see our random gallery below for lots of silliness.

In other non-beach news, a little someone starts pre-school ballet class this weekend. We will try to get photos of her in her tights, leotard, and slippers. Key word is TRY. There is not much house news to report since we haven’t been home much. We hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend.