Bike Demon

Knocks over sandcastles & videographers alike.


Just Another Weekend

This is just a very quick recap of our quiet weekend home! SOMEONE has complained about the lack of new blog posts. I just feel like we aren’t doing anything very exciting right now, so there hasn’t been much to report. It’s the calm before the storm…the storm of new adventures!

Estelle’s newest post-dinner activity has been to clear off a dance floor and boogie. She was showing off her spinning skills on Saturday night! We have even better (more embarrassing) video we took after this, but we will save that for her future boyfriends and/or anyone who asks to see it in person!

We met up with my uncle, aunt, and three cousins on Sunday morning. They were on their way home from spring break. They spent the night in Philly, and we jumped at the opportunity to eat a huge breakfast and go on a quick walking tour of Center City! Check out some of our silly photos. I know my uncle took some good photos, he had his nice camera…we had iPhones.







Until next time!


Princess Dominos

Christmas Withdrawal

She sang this song for an hour while walking around the neighborhood this morning…

Microphone Maybe

Music with an interlude of microphone amazement:

Good Speeler

Spinning Flower Girl