Bouncy Cowgirl & Do-Rag


A Few Good Videos

The first is a montage of us playing in the snow this week (in the street) — don’t worry, it was fully supervised.  The second is Estelle showing off the latest in her repertoire of verbal communication skills — the video doesn’t seem to be allowed to be viewed on this site due to the copyrighted music that I added, but if you follow the link that comes up to YouTube, then YouShould be able to view it there!


Daycare Pajama Party

Looks like naptime is coming soon… and how about that posture!!!


Uncle Chris & his puppy came for a Saturday morning visit — I dressed in his honor!

Then Dad photo-shot the dog:

And then the adults went to breakfast.

Just kidding — we ALL went to breakfast and no one was left unattended in any crates!  Well, okay, maybe Louis didn’t come to breakfast & was left unattended in a crate during that time…


Dinner From the Floor

Painted Lady I

Painted Lady II

Fun with Renzo

Drinks on the stoop and bouncing on the cow!

They are growing up fast!  18 months ago they just stared at each other on their backs and drooled…

Christmas Vacation Backlog

Pardon the tardiness in getting these posted — we’ve been too busy enjoying our time off!  First up, Estelle & Lola on Christmas Eve:

Lola couldn’t wait until Christmas morning to get into her stocking:

Bouncy cow :

and Estelle’s been scared to ride ever since:

A gourmet fireside breakfast in Newtown:

Upon our return, lots of snow in the backyard!

Hanging out in the play kitchen, wishing the play ketchup was real so that it could be eaten:

Walking down the block on a snowday:

Estelle-sized Snowman!

Tall enough to look out the window on the step:

To Massachusetts to rock with the Pereira’s:

And to sled down the porch steps with Nana!

New Year’s Eve Party 2010 — Party like it’s 1985:

Happy New Year from South Feaster-delphia!