Dad the Architect

It’s official — after 11 years of education, experience & exams — word has come down that I passed my last registration exam and am now truly an Architect.  Many thanks to all my supporters out there, including those pictured here and not.


That Time of Year Again!

Go Phillies!  1 win down, 10 to go!

Elmo & Tie Dye

All the kids loved Estelle when we showed up at school with this outfit on Wednesday.  Estelle on the other hand, was not too thrilled.  Oh, don’t get me wrong — she LOVES the shirt (and the other 2 Elmo shirts she has) — You see, as soon as we came around the corner to the “Young Toddlers” area, about 4 of them toddled over and started repeatedly poking Estelle’s chest saying “Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!” … What is it about that furry red monster that makes kids go so crazy?!


Giggles at Breakfast & Ketchup with Lunch

Footage from our first two meals today just in case anyone might be interested… A few items to note: Video #1 stars Lola the Cat offscreen stage-right, and that first word Estelle spits out is her version of “Lola”; Video #2 shows Dad’s wisdom — disrobe the child before feeding a quesadilla and broccoli bites with ketchup.


Catching Up

Been busy around here with dad studying this past month!  We’ve got some catching up to do as far as getting photos on here, so here our some from our “lounging around day” today.  We would have had more from our fun afternoon out enjoying the fall weather with Renzo, but it’s hard to take pictures when dad takes his camera but forgets its battery!