Just like Super Grover!


More Thanksgiving Weekend Photos

Wild hair with Uncle Chris:

Exhausted with Uncle Charlie:

A virtuoso in the making:

New party shoes!  With heels!

The Feaster Men (and look who’s currently got the least facial hair of all of ’em!):

Thanksgiving with Emily & the Horses

VT Bruiser

VT 31, Miami 17:  With that bump on her head, you’d think Estelle played in the football game!

Sesame Song Videos for the Z Generation

These are three of Estelle’s favorites.  Not to mention, putting them here in one place provides us with quick access to them in times of need.  Go ahead and cast your vote for your favorite.


#2  Feist

#3  Adam Sandler

Dad’s Birthday = Cake for Estelle

Thanks for the birthday beach chairs T J & K!  Now Stephanie and I just need some of our own…

And for good measure, here are the results of Estelle learning how a tripod works:

Smarty Pants

Play glasses and dictionary, watch out world!  And for some video showing off: