It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia…

We weathered Hurricane Irene just fine…no power outages or basement flooding. In fact, if no one told me it was a hurricane I would never have guessed it. We haven’t been doing anything too noteworthy lately. Although, last week I was a mean mom and took some video of one of Estelle’s tantrums. Her terrible two side shows up way more often than we blog about, but here it is in full effect. This was her reaction when I took her inside to start dinner…she wanted out!



Fenwick 2011

A collection of video snippets from our week at the beach:

Sidetracked Singing – The Sound of Music

Vacation’s Over

But we had a great time! One more family photo from the Fenwick house deck! Look for more pics and some video after we get home.


World’s Youngest Kayaker


Stephanie’s New Suit

Will she kill me for posting this straight from the beach…?


First Post FROM the Beach

At Fenwick with the Feasters this week. With the new iPhone in tow and the blog app installed, this photo and blog post is literally being made FROM the beach. We’re having a blast!