Spring Flowers (and More Almost Two…)


More Airplanes!

Who knew standing in our back yard and looking up to the sky could be so exciting…

Video #2: Almost Two

And almost in terms of getting that fingers thing down…

Video #1: Dizzy Dancing

From this past weekend:

Estelle’s Brunch with Renzo

She was very excited for his arrival, waiting patiently (well, kind of patiently) at the window.  Here she is showing Renzo how good the view is (and showing off her funky hairstyle for the day).

Some soccer playing and sidewalk chalking in the back:

Renzo had some trouble adjusting to Estelle’s sippy cup, which led to a soaking wet blue sweatshirt.  Estelle lent him her pink monkey one — he’s comfortable in his masculinity.  Then they played some “Row Your Boat” in the wagon.

More at the window — this time waving to David jumping around on the sidewalk…

Estelle was sad to see Renzo go when naptime arrived, but woke up refreshed as ever, just in time to watch some “March Madness” basketball with her dad.  Here she is reacting to her mother saying “SMILE”…

St. Patrick’s Day

Fresh off the daycare presses!

Estelle’s First Basketball Game

We went to a 76ers game last weekend — Estelle’s first basketball game.  Well, other than watching her dad try to play in a few pick-up games.  These guys were better than her dad.  Who knew the best part would be the music and dancing that everyone gets to do during every time out…