Massachusetts, Vermont, weddings…oh my!

After a whirlwind weekend of New England wedding celebrations, we don’t have much photographic proof to show for it.  Our camera was unusually absent, so we are relying on family to fill in the blanks.  Send us your best shots, and we’ll add some of them to the post.  Congrats to the newlyweds, we wish you all the best!

090925_wedding-6The Pereira/Feaster clan at Tara and Joey’s wedding 9.25.2009.

090925_wedding-5Pereira Family

estellecoffee092509Uncle Mario lets Estelle play with breakables.  She loves her coffee.



Baby Einstein is THIS Exciting

Footage from our Labor Day weekend at the beach — how captivating!

Phuture Phorcast?

A scene from last night’s Phillies game on TV — Stephanie & I couldn’t help but think that Estelle could be duplicating the feat in a few years…

Sunday Playtime

Note the Retractable Drool that makes an appearance at 1:30 of this video.

More Than Just Milk

After 5 months, Estelle said she was ready to try another food source.

More Eyes

While putting together the feeding video, I noticed in one of the photos that her eye color discrepancy is more noticeable than usual.  Stephanie picked up on this the other day.  I think we heard somewhere that eye color isn’t really set in stone until the first birthday, so we’ll monitor the developments — maybe she’ll be a brown-eyed girl afterall.


First Feeding

After a busy weekend, this was our only event planned for 2009’s Labor Day.  It was quite an adventure — we have other photos and videos that I’ll montage together at some point, but this photo can serve as a precursor until then…


Don’t worry, it wasn’t nearly as bad as this photo might lead one to believe…