Photo Update

We are just trucking along here, getting used to life with a fourth family member. I guess that’s a fifth family member if you count Lola. Poor, hairball queen Lola has been kicked out of mom and dad’s room at night. We haven’t done anything momentous this past week. We spent Memorial Day weekend hanging around the house and visiting with neighbors, friends, and family. This upcoming weekend will surely be momentous and exciting, so we will report back.

In the meantime, here are some obligatory baby and kid photos for your enjoyment.

breakfast date


little bro big sis


daddy daughter




super girl




It’s a Boy!

What better way to celebrate a one week birthday than with a belated blog post?


WEF 5.16.2013

William Ellsworth Feaster | 5.15.2013 | 12:20 pm | 7 lb. 2 oz. | 20.25″

Clearly, life is a little different this time around. We had hours to kill in the hospital with newborn Estelle, which led to a huge number of blog posts. Having a four-year-old at home is a game-changer. My parents were a huge help holding down the fort and helping us make the move back home. My mom even did an overnight in the hospital with me, she lucked out with the sleepiest night! Big sister is adjusting beautifully, aside from some sleep issues and reminders to be gentle. I think Lola Cat is most jealous, since she has been banned from our room temporarily.

Everyone came home from the hospital this past Saturday. I’m healing from the c-section and adjusting to nursing much quicker than the first time, and I am so very thankful! Baby William is eating, sleeping, and pooping like a champ. After the normal newborn weight loss, he was back up to birth weight yesterday.

As with Estelle, we kept the name a surprise. In fact, we waffled about names up until the last minute, so it would have done no good telling people beforehand! David was fond of the name, Will. I wanted something more substantial. Although, William is in the top 10 most popular names, we thought it was sturdy and offered decent nickname possibilities. Come to find out, there is a William Feaster way back in our family tree (1800s)! Ellsworth was tossed around as a first name option for awhile. It is in honor of the street and subway stop here in South Philadelphia. Just days before departing on maternity leave, I found out my department at work is in the process of receiving an Ellsworth Kelly-Francisco Costa collaboration dress honoring the artist’s 90th birthday this month. Name foreshadowing at its best!

Enough blabber, here are some more photos.

meeting big sis

hospital movie time

bright eyes

waiting to go home

cloth diaper


mom's eye view

post bath

wheres waldo


32/6 A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tis the eve of our 32/6 Birthiversary (my 32nd birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary). What better way to celebrate than with old photos?!

newborn stephanie
That’s me, on or near 5.4.1981

wedding party toast




dress pockets
A couple of wedding photos, 5.4.2007
derby party 2007
Our never-to-be-duplicated blowout post-wedding Kentucky Derby party, 5.5.2007

This year, my birthday, our anniversary, and the Kentucky Derby all fall on the same day! What fun?! We plan to keep things low-key and simple. Beyond breakfast, my spa appointment and cake decorating, we have zero plans for Saturday. The weather is shaping up to be gorgeous. Have a great weekend!