My Day at Parvin Lake (again by E.P.)

First I sat in the sand under a tree, contemplating my options for the day.

I decided to go in the water with dad.  Just toes at first.

Then I walked really far out (to my neck)!  (Holding my dad’s hand of course.)  My dad is so white that Titia calls him Edward (it’s a bad/dorky vampire joke for those not in the know).

Then we dried off back in the shade.  I told mom that I didn’t think this was a topless beach, but she didn’t seem to care & we only put a diaper on.  Then I climbed on dad like he was a horse.

Then we were worn out so we all took a nap.

It was a good way to spend a hot summer Sunday afternoon.


My Second Phillies Game (by Estelle Pilar)

But I was a wee-little-baby at my first game last summer, so I was ready for some fun with the boys this time around — Aren’t we a good-lookin’ color-coordinated bunch?

Our view from on high:

Listening to Dad & Papa Kurt talk strategy (I’ll wait until I can talk, then I’ll chime in with my own opinion of “what they should do here”):

The game was getting longer and longer as the Phillies were in the midst of blowing a 5-run lead in the ninth inning, so I thought it would be fun to play with the camera case for a good 20 minutes:

My facial expression when the Twins scored 3 in the 11th (!) inning to go up 13-10:

The best stats of the afternoon — length of game: 3 hours, 53 minutes — # of whining episodes: zero — # of poopy diapers: zero.  So the Good Guys lost 13-10 (who knew the baseball game would have a football score) – hope for better luck next weekend when we bring mom along!

Eating Applesauce

Video Version —

Feaster June Birthdays Dinner

Top deck at the Moshulu:

Estelle & Stephanie at the Wedding

Road Trip Photos

This is just a small sampling of photos from our road trip to VA and NC.  We joined the Methodist College Women’s Soccer Hasbeens for Memorial Day weekend at Sandbridge, Virginia Beach.  Then on to Norfolk for a relaxing few days with Joe, Tess, and Kristen.  Finally, it was on to Durham, NC to help celebrate Eric and Sarah’s wedding at Duke Chapel.  We didn’t get any photos of the bride and groom, they had a busy (and hopefully a fun) night!  Congrats to the newlyweds!  It was a great trip full of family, friends, and fun.  Enjoy the photos…maybe there will be more after the weekend.

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Giraffes, elephants, zebras…oh my!

We had a great time at the Virginia Zoo!