Mini Birthday Eight

20140127-143845.jpgThe photo was only 1 day late, but this post is a whopping 12 days late! I have resorted to blogging on my phone/iPad because our laptop is full and needs some TLC.

Why fiddle with technology when we have these two hams to entertain us constantly?!

Let’s see, Willie is full of tricks these days…clapping, waving, bumping his head and sprouting teeth. He remains a sweet smiley boy, and Estelle remains a great big sister. We are lucky in so many ways, and I never take that for granted.

Happy Early Groundhog Day,



Morning Breath

David started this series by snapping our portraits one sleepy work-a-day morning. Here it is, in all it’s glory. No, I do not look very sleepy. Yes, I do have makeup on at an absurdly early and dark hour. Despite my efforts, I still don’t get out of the house on time.

morning breath_epf DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0108

I know, I know…no blog posts in a month, and all of a sudden I post twice in 24 hours. Sick days at home free up a little more blog time. We’re all on the mend, and everyone should be back to work and school tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend.


Christmas Photo Fail

The holiday card photo that never was…

holiday fail

They had on new pajamas! However, William needed a nap and Estelle had something in her eye. We ran out of time, and ended up using an Instagram photo from this summer on our holiday cards. As of today, Estelle’s new pajamas have bike grease on them. Better luck next year…



Halloween 2013

Halloween was nearly a week ago, and we’re moving on to Thanksgiving. Estelle was the creative force behind these costumes. She very badly wanted to be a My Little Pony, and she insisted that William join in on the fun. They dressed up as Twilight Sparkle and her sidekick, Spike the Dragon. I guess this makes William a Baby Brony, at least until he forms his own opinion about My Little Pony!



I call those semi-homemade costumes. I used H&M tops and bottoms as the base, and worked around that. Estelle’s cutie mark and tail aren’t visible. I left off a tail for William since there was no way it would be seen. I made the hat and bib out of green fleece and an extra striped shirt.

Next year I’m buying costumes, you heard it here first.

Bring on the turkey and stuffing!




Ready for Food

Well, not quite, but soon! I actually let William taste some of my chicken soup broth today. He dropped everything he was doing as soon as the spoon came near him. He’s eager, to say the least. I have sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash waiting to be cooked up and pureed.

We had a great to-do list for today, but only accomplished a fraction of it. Instead of making baby food, I opted to prep the high chair. It was being used by big sister as a junior chair, but we warned her that she needed to upgrade to a big seat soon. It’s actually a nice place for him to sit because he’s really into that big boy stuff now, but he is not sitting unassisted yet, and I don’t do those Bumbo seats.


I thought I would dig through the archives for a photo of Estelle trying out this same chair 4 years ago. She was just shy of 4 months in this photo.


And here she is now, proudly showing off her baby brother. These two love each other a lot. I wonder if it’s a forever thing? I’d say William has her heart unless he repeatedly drools on her My Little Ponies and Disney Princess dolls.


William is not crawling yet, but his legs certainly try. I’m not rushing mobility. We still need to wrangle the toys with small parts (one of those things on our to-do list that didn’t get done). There’s always next weekend.

I will be back soon because William has a 5-month birthday in a matter of hours!


Ocean City Photo Booth: Year Five

Please forgive the sporadic blog posting. Life is hectic, and our computer is getting to be rather slow and giving us warnings about full discs. Fingers crossed it can make it until we no longer have two kids in daycare full time (one more year)!

We just returned from a lovely long Labor Day weekend in Ocean City, NJ. It was our fifth year going to the shore with good friends, and it’s always so hard to come back to work. We haven’t downloaded all of our photos yet, but here’s hoping we will be back soon with some beach photos. However, I was able to scan this year’s edition of our annual photo booth tradition.


Estelle did not want to be in this photo. We had to bribe her with boardwalk games, but it worked! William had no idea what was going on, as usual. His bright eyes were super alert while we were on the boardwalk, taking in all the craziness.

Baby update: William started rolling over this weekend, and acts like he’s been doing it for years. He’s already taken to sleeping on his side and enjoys tummy time much more now that he is in control. He already makes attempts to move and likes to put things in his mouth, so I suppose we need to start round two of baby-proofing.

Here’s hoping you had a good long weekend! Any great stories or new places you visited?


The Name Game

Please humor me, folks. After 7 months of constantly thinking about baby names, I think I’m in withdrawal. Let’s talk names! I’m specifically interested in what you all would have been named had you been the opposite gender.

First up is William Ellsworth, our most recent naming project. Had William been a girl, he would have been Daphne James. Although, Estelle was pulling hard for Ellie (Eleanor). Some other boy and girl names we seriously tossed around included Elizabeth (Betty), Annabelle and Alfred (Alfie).

Now, Miss Estelle Pilar. She could have been a Howard had she been a boy. There’s a story there. David and I made a bet that if we had a boy, and if the Phillies won the World Series, we would have to name the baby after one of the players in some way, shape or form. We chose Howard, after Ryan Howard. I was convinced that we would have a boy AND the Phillies would win the World Series. Well, I was only half right. I’m very glad they won the World Series in 2008, and I’m even happier to have a girl!

David would have been Katharine Rachel. David’s mom had three boys, but she remembers all of the girl names she would have chosen. So sweet! I would have been Jordan Michael. The famed Michael Jordan was just starting out at UNC and relatively unknown at that time, so there’s no connection there.

Do you know other names your parents considered naming you? Do share! Also, to all those friends and family expecting little ones in the coming months, please feel free to use Daphne. I love it so.

I am back to work this week. William and Estelle are doing fine, as are us adults, but it’s a little hectic. As we work on getting into our groove, please check out these photos from our budding iPhone photographer, Estelle. Blurry? Definitely, but it’s exciting to see kids develop new skills.

Estelle selfie
tummy time
lola cat