Mom Badge

Here I am procrastinating the inevitable, an uncomfortable night of sleep. Between acid reflux, swelling, tingling in my arms and hands, and general hugeness, I just don’t want to lay down! A Lazy Boy recliner would be nice right about now. In fact, I did not want to get out of my dentist’s chair the other day, it was the perfect cradle.

While it’s easy for me to dwell on my discomfort right now, I am finding joy in having my belly no longer hidden behind coats. Being pregnant is like wearing the most socially recognized mom badge. We can wear rings to signify we are engaged or married, but there’s nothing quite comparable to tell the world you are a parent. I guess ugly bumper stickers can do the job, but that doesn’t work if you don’t have a car! Having your kids by your side is a good indicator too, but I spend a good chunk of my days without kids.

Right now, my big belly tells the world I am a mom. Luckily, no sane city person will dare to touch your belly, but they gladly engage you in conversation. Men, women, old or young…they all ask, when are you due? Is this your first? Boy or girl? A woman on the bus told me I was glowing today. People are just nicer to you, and for that, I am thankful.

My coworkers surprised me with a gift basket today. I had requested no shower since we have almost everything we need. Instead, they gave me chocolate covered figs, ginger treats, a gift card for a massage, and this very appropriate card that made my eyes a bit misty.



Here is David’s latest Portuguese beer cap bump photo. I promise to put the whole series (plus some) in one big post after baby!


I’m seriously craving beer these days. I also came across a drink called the Tallulah. It’s a Coke, peanut and whiskey drink that I must have ASAP. Coke and peanuts, a blast from my southern past! I might have to enjoy that pair without whiskey for the time being. What better time than when you can afford the extra calories?



[Image from Garden and Gun, recipe by Ollie Irene]

How’s that for a late night tangent? Bottoms up!



Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday, dearest Estelle! It just seems like yesterday that the three of us were meeting each other for the first time at the hospital. Watching you grow and become your own person makes me even more excited for meeting our next dynamic family player in one short month.

We had quite the birthday weekend, 3 days of parties. First, was her pizza party at daycare. Estelle picked out the horribly bright cupcakes from the grocery store. The report back was that the icing was “awful.” Coming from a kid, it must have been bad. Someone was a little excited despite the Friday rain!



Saturday brought much better weather, a trip to see cousin Emily at a horse show, and a spring birthday party at the grandparent’s house. Although we celebrate multiple family birthdays, Estelle got to pick the cake this year. She went the Princess route, of course.

IMG_4785 IMG_4793 IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4803 IMG_4811


Today, we had an early brunch/late breakfast, and took in a theatre showing of Pinocchio at the Arden Children’s Theatre. It was awesome, just like Cinderella but in a completely different way. The creativity behind this production blows me away! It was set on a construction site with 5 construction workers using props on hand to tell the story. I was laughing more than most. Two thumbs up, way up.


After the show, we had a very small group of friends over for a “Prince and Princess” party. We really wish we could invite more people, but our modest house was at capacity! We prepped everything beforehand, and kept it simple. Just a few snacks, mostly cake and drinks, and crown decorating. The lemonade, strawberry water, and cucumber water options were novel enough that we forgot to offer the booze in the fridge, and maybe nobody noticed? You know you’re old when…

IMG_3217 IMG_3210 IMG_3202


The little figurine cake topper was from either my sister’s 4th birthday or mine, it’s retro…maybe even vintage.





balloon penant


The chocolate cake was my first attempt at a from-scratch cake AND icing masterpiece. I did it over the course of a night and morning. It turned out quite nicely, and I highly recommend the recipe. It was rich, but not too dense or sweet.

This party was my last dose of craftiness before baby. It might take me another 4 years to get to this point again. Too bad I didn’t allow enough time to take proper photos!

I think we need a weekend from the weekend. It was busy, but so very nice. Thank you to all of our friends and family who helped make it wonderful!


5 Weeks to Baby

Or less!

David started a creative bump series during Easter weekend. I’m sure it will continue until the very end! Stay tuned for more.




In other news, my ankles have disappeared. Five weeks is both too long and not long enough!

20130409-225413.jpgBonus cuteness for you! I think Estelle looks like her Uncle Charlie here…not in a boy way, just in a family resemblance way.


An Eggcellent Easter

We are back from a very fun long weekend visiting my parents down in Virginia. My sister and nephew were visiting with my parents too, so we were all in one place, minus my jet-setting Navy pilot brother-in-law who was on an extended work trip. Rocky, we missed you! We did a whole lot of hanging out, playing, and egg dying. I will let the photos speak for themselves.












On Saturday, we took advantage of a sunny day and headed over to a beach playground at Virginia Beach. If you ever wondered how to dress your child for the playground, I recommend neon yellow. You won’t lose them for a second! Luke was a good sport while his big cousin ran around like a crazy girl.

















We even witnessed a very sweet marriage proposal on the beach. These dear people waited for quite awhile to help surprise the bride-to-be. Anyways, I assume she said yes?! It was very cute, and made me tear up a bit…darn those hormones.


We headed home on Easter Sunday, in the afternoon, so we had plenty of morning time to attempt a smiling photo of two squirmy kids. This is as good as it gets! The weather was grey and wet, so we had an indoor egg hunt, but no photos to document it.




Luke is 6 months old and at the stage where he explores the world with his mouth. Although, I know all babies are different. I don’t remember Estelle doing this so much. I title this series, Things Luke Puts in His Mouth (blankets, cardboard, Little People, and applesauce).






We hope you had a Happy Easter!