New Shoes

A little before and after for our Saturday morning shopping:


This Hardly Counts as a Blog Post

Closer examination of our zoo footage from a couple weeks ago revealed pretty boring videos. I don’t have time to make into something watchable, so we’ll skip that adventure for now.

Estelle attended her first movie in the theatre with a 5 pm Friday night showing of Winnie the Pooh. She did pretty well, but got  a little antsy towards the end. In my opinion, more movies should only be 80 minutes long!

Sixteen-year-old Estelle will probably appreciate the lack of cameras this past weekend, when we celebrated summer birthdays with the Feasters. She was allowed to skinny dip in the 94 degree pool…oh la la. Yes, the water was nearly as hot as the 100 degree air, but it was still a fun swim.

So that leaves us with some pretty dull stuff to report: I ventured into the land of fabric dying, something I’ve done before in school, but never has it been this easy! Joann’s Fabrics, AC Moore, and other crafty type stores now carry no-mess fabric dye that can be used in the washing machine with a cup of salt. It’s called iDye, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a easy way to add color to your life. We have a pretty colorful rug in our living room, and I was attempting to bring some of those colors to the sofa area. My color of choice was Golden Yellow. It was an online purchase, and a complete gamble…a risk I was willing to take on an old off-white corduroy pillow cover from Ikea (see middle pillow in the before and after photos). It wasn’t love at first sight, but I don’t hate it. We fondly call it our Winnie the Pooh pillow.

Before iDye:


After iDye…it looks like Lola died too, but she’s just lounging:


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Lola sits on sofa and bathes herself, and Estelle follows suit. Please see previous post for diaper disclaimer.

Christmas in July

Here in our house, we’ve often wondered why “Christmas in July” isn’t “Christmas in June”? June 25th is halfway to Christmas, July 25th just random. Anyways, that didn’t stop Estelle from discovering our DVD gift set of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (santa hat included). Yes, we let our child run around the house in a diaper, but you knew that already. It’s hot, we don’t have central air, and it was the weekend!

Morning Visitor

I spotted an unusual critter in our bird feeder early this morning, can you spot it?

How about now?

A little mouse!

L is for Lola

Our very patient kitty put up with us creating a wooden block masterpiece on top of her belly!

I just noticed the baby doll butt in the corner…oh well.

We are not limited to one-story buildings!

Post-Vacation Weekend

Coming home from vacation on a Friday is such a great idea! We had fun and got adjusted. Footage from our Saturday night trip to the zoo is not included, but may show up later.

Pigtails are like a party for your head!

“RoRo” came over to play!

Backyard pool party!