Phillies 2011

We went to Estelle’s first Phillies game of the season on Saturday night. She was most excited to see the team mascot, the Phanatic. Her second favorite thing about the game was all the junk food we ate (hot dogs, french fries, powerade, and ice cream with sprinkles)…woo hoo!

Pre-game stroll with Phanatic

Showing Phanatic her favorite neighborhood window shop

She makes diaper changes look good!

Hot dog

Phanatic dugout dance

Dancing along

Subway ride home


Sneaky Zucchini Ricotta Pasta

A big departure from our normal family related posts, but I need to share this toddler-friendly recipe. Thank you to my co-worker, Joanna, who passed along this fabulous recipe to me. Joanna learned about this dish while she was a  nanny for a short time in Italy. Three cheers for hidden veggies, and it’s perfectly delicious for adults too! Do not be shy with the salt, and avoid whole wheat pasta if any of your eaters have texture issues (we learned that the hard way). If you just came here for a cute photo, please scroll down!

Zucchini Ricotta Pasta


Medium onion, chopped

Olive oil

Salt (be generous)

3 zucchini, sliced

1 tbsp. of ricotta cheese


Sauté chopped onion in extra-virgin olive oil

Add salt

When it starts to brown, add sliced zucchini

Add more salt and sauté until tender

While zucchini cooks, start cooking the pasta

Place the sautéed zucchini and onion into a blender and add a tablespoon (or slightly more) of ricotta cheese

Blend to desired consistency, mix with pasta and serve

That is one happy eater!

Roadtrip 2011: Blacksburg & Shippensburg

7 hour drive on a Friday night to surprise Uncle Charlie — woohoo!  Made it even better that Uncle Chris was right along the way in both directions!  Oh, and that random baseball photo — that’s Granny Annie as seen on TV, in the front row for Phillies during their Seattle trip…

Filling Out an Eagles Shirt

A little before and after — from today, as compared to August of ’09…

A Wandering Mind / Sesame Stickers

Sorry for the significant number of days between posts lately… Here are a few short videos from today’s 6:30am Sunday backyard breakfast time with Daddy.  In the span of 60 seconds Estelle goes from singing Happy Birthday to Papa, to her banana breakfast then inspiring a song to be made up about Nana & Avô, to then counting the banana pieces, and finally ending on the decision that said banana pieces need to get pushed to the back of the plate!  The second video is just some good old fashion stickering with Sesame Street characters, namely the blue one that likes baked goods…

Estelle’s Super Fun Day(s)…

Cousin Emily was kind enough to let Estelle ride Oscar when we visited the pool on a hot Memorial Day. Pool and horses! What could be better?!


The day before, we partied for Layne’s graduation! Estelle found Layne’s childhood toy horse and her newest cousin, Henry the French bulldog puppy.