Patty Cake

If you can decipher the words, this is Estelle’s version of patty cake. Not sure how they sing it at daycare, but they must mark their cakes with Ms for Minnie Mouse…or at least that’s what I’m hearing!


Flamingos for Mimi!

Happy Easter

New dress, shoes, bunny and basket — thanks everyone!

The crafty Easter Owls…

Smiles with Snuggles

A photo from Uncle Chris; in Newtown celebrating Estelle’s birthday for the 4th and final time this year!

Mini-Vacation to NC

Wrapping up a long weekend to cousin Erin & Erick’s wedding at the BEACH in North Carolina… We went down a day early so that we wouldn’t have to travel on Estelle’s actual birthday — the 14th was reserved to party! ¬†We had a great time & took lots of photos — hopefully we’ll get some more up soon, but in the meantime:

This little piggy stayed home…

I attempted pig tails in Estelle’s mullet two weekends ago. They lasted long enough to get a couple of photos…

Birthday Party #1

At home with some friends, Annie and Papa, and a giant 2 on the wall!