Happy Friday

Thanks for the shoes Titi! Pink hightop Chuck’s — awesome! As you can see, Eeyore won out for the honor of Show ‘N Tell character today. Phanatic was too excited to make the trip, and Wally’s still sulking in disbelief at the bottom of the toy bin… Go Phillies this weekend!




“Options”: Life with a Toddler

Quick story from David (sorry no accompanying photographs)…

The process of getting dressed and picking out what she’s going to where is becoming quite time-consuming, and Estelle usually feels that she needs to be in charge of managing this process.  Depending on her mood, it can be anywhere from a quick grab of un-matched top and bottom to a belabored run through of trying to make tough decisions.

Last night she got some water on her t-shirt while brushing teeth.  It quickly became apparent that deciding which shirt to change into was going to lean toward the lengthier of the two aforementioned ends of the spectrum.  In an attempt to aid the process and move this along, I gathered up 5 shirts and layered them over my shoulders.  Turning to Estelle, I said, “Look here, I’ve got a bunch of options for you.

Her initial response: “Daddy you’re silly.  You’re wearing a jacket of my shirts.

I again try to move the process along: “Yep, a jacket of your shirts.  They are options – which do you want to wear?

Her deadpan response to me, which left us all in laughter for the next couple minutes: “Daddy, I don’t want options.  I want shirts.

Weekend in O-H-I-O

A great time seeing everyone — went by too fast!







Friday Foto Shoot

It’s raincoat weather… And the pose was completely unprovoked — she’s getting far too accustomed to this morning walk-to-school photo op.


3 Days in a row…


Photo Shoot Deja Vu

Who said toddlers like routines? Estelle wouldn’t let us go past this spot this morning without taking more pictures…




Walk to School Photo Shoot!