Ocean City Photo Booth: Year Five

Please forgive the sporadic blog posting. Life is hectic, and our computer is getting to be rather slow and giving us warnings about full discs. Fingers crossed it can make it until we no longer have two kids in daycare full time (one more year)!

We just returned from a lovely long Labor Day weekend in Ocean City, NJ. It was our fifth year going to the shore with good friends, and it’s always so hard to come back to work. We haven’t downloaded all of our photos yet, but here’s hoping we will be back soon with some beach photos. However, I was able to scan this year’s edition of our annual photo booth tradition.


Estelle did not want to be in this photo. We had to bribe her with boardwalk games, but it worked! William had no idea what was going on, as usual. His bright eyes were super alert while we were on the boardwalk, taking in all the craziness.

Baby update: William started rolling over this weekend, and acts like he’s been doing it for years. He’s already taken to sleeping on his side and enjoys tummy time much more now that he is in control. He already makes attempts to move and likes to put things in his mouth, so I suppose we need to start round two of baby-proofing.

Here’s hoping you had a good long weekend! Any great stories or new places you visited?



An Eggcellent Easter

We are back from a very fun long weekend visiting my parents down in Virginia. My sister and nephew were visiting with my parents too, so we were all in one place, minus my jet-setting Navy pilot brother-in-law who was on an extended work trip. Rocky, we missed you! We did a whole lot of hanging out, playing, and egg dying. I will let the photos speak for themselves.












On Saturday, we took advantage of a sunny day and headed over to a beach playground at Virginia Beach. If you ever wondered how to dress your child for the playground, I recommend neon yellow. You won’t lose them for a second! Luke was a good sport while his big cousin ran around like a crazy girl.

















We even witnessed a very sweet marriage proposal on the beach. These dear people waited for quite awhile to help surprise the bride-to-be. Anyways, I assume she said yes?! It was very cute, and made me tear up a bit…darn those hormones.


We headed home on Easter Sunday, in the afternoon, so we had plenty of morning time to attempt a smiling photo of two squirmy kids. This is as good as it gets! The weather was grey and wet, so we had an indoor egg hunt, but no photos to document it.




Luke is 6 months old and at the stage where he explores the world with his mouth. Although, I know all babies are different. I don’t remember Estelle doing this so much. I title this series, Things Luke Puts in His Mouth (blankets, cardboard, Little People, and applesauce).






We hope you had a Happy Easter!



Ocean City Photo Booth: Year Four

Our Jilly’s Arcade photo booth results are in! As I scanned through old blog posts, I realized we completely forgot to post last year’s photo booth experience. Oops. As an extra bonus (because it can be time consuming to click on old blog posts), you can find all four years below. What was the major difference this year? We had a willing participant in Estelle, complete with smiles and funny faces on command. She is most definitely our big girl.

How’s that for a little walk down memory lane? A very short walk! I hope you all had the splendid weather we had this weekend. I will be back later this week with a little post about our quiet weekend at home, which included a Philadelphia dessert trifecta.


The Other Jersey Shore

It’s Jersey Shore time…not the Jersey Shore crawling with drunk guidos and guidettes, but the one with old stately houses, manicured lawns, wide beaches, delicious caramel corn, and Lucy the Elephant. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Jersey Shore (Atlantic City excluded), then you really are missing out! I know not everyone will agree, but Atlantic City is not my place. Casinos are majorly depressing, thanks to the loss of money, lack of windows, ugly carpeting, and plenty of cigarette smoke. BUT, if you drive just a few minutes south of Atlantic City, you will get to Margate City. That’s where we spent this past weekend with our good friends.

On Saturday, the wind was high and the sand was biting, so we hightailed it to the playground, and walked down to see Lucy the Elephant. We walked home on the beach with the wind at our backs, and made it in from gathering food and drinks just in time for the rain to start. Sunday proved to be the most perfect of beach days. It was a little warm AND a little chilly, depending on the clouds. The water was rough, but the kids had fun in the shallow surf. We wrapped up our weekend with an evening trip to the Ocean City boardwalk, our usual hang out this time of year.

Without further ado, here are our photos:

Yes, we remembered our annual Jilly’s Arcade photo booth trip! Have I remembered to scan that photo? No. That’s OK, I will devote a separate post to this year’s photo booth experience in a couple of days.

Another weekend is already upon us…no tears here! Do you all have any fun plans? We’re sticking around town. We have a couple of adventures planned in between the drudgery of chores and work.

Happy Weekend (Almost),


Labor Day Recap

While Philadelphia celebrated Labor Day weekend with Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival, we avoided the madness and skipped town. Destination: Fenwick Island, DE. The weather was just OK…very humid. The beach was taken over by biting flies for two whole days. Although, the land breeze provided us with calm waters for Estelle to practice her swimming and try some boogie boarding! We splurged on some lobsters, saw a blue moon rise, created sand masterpieces, and enjoyed the sweetness of Fractured Prune donuts. Fractured Prune gives Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts a run for their money, even if they lack the fried chicken. Please see our random gallery below for lots of silliness.

In other non-beach news, a little someone starts pre-school ballet class this weekend. We will try to get photos of her in her tights, leotard, and slippers. Key word is TRY. There is not much house news to report since we haven’t been home much. We hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend.


Beach Vacation 2012

We were in Fenwick Island, DE last week. We usually go at the end of August, and rarely for a whole week. It was quite nice, but got a little hot and stormy the last night we were there. I took a lot of photos, so take a look at our gallery, click on image to enlarge. The most spectacular day was the day you see us flying kites. It was clear, windy, and not too hot. We have a couple more beach days to look forward to before the summer is over!

We hope you all have a great July 4th! We’ll be going to the beach on the Chesapeake Bay, and eating good food with my parents’ neighbors for dinner.


OCNJ 2011 – Headed Home