Popeye Face

Not sure where she picked this up (daycare is a good assumption), but this look is the new “smile”…



Surprise Visit with the Horses!

Playing Catch

With Spring Training only a month away now, I don’t think the Phillies outfielders have to worry about competition from one Estelle Pilar…

Boat with Lola & Dad’s Fancy Breakfast

Little Snow, Tiny Snowman

And all before 8:30am…

Toddler Fashion Tip

Whenever possible, you should try to match your clothes to your Friday show n’ tell.

Our Little Helper

Dear Future Estelle,

You are 3 months away from turning 3, and you love to help around the house. Making beds, doing dishes, baking, folding clothes, you name it, you want to do it. By the time you are old enough to navigate the internet AND read this post, you probably won’t be nearly as enthusiastic about chores, but you will have the arm strength to scrub pots and push the vacuum! On that note, please get off the computer and load the dishwasher…that is assuming we have a dishwasher by the time you read this. Fingers crossed.

Much love,