Morning Breath

David started this series by snapping our portraits one sleepy work-a-day morning. Here it is, in all it’s glory. No, I do not look very sleepy. Yes, I do have makeup on at an absurdly early and dark hour. Despite my efforts, I still don’t get out of the house on time.

morning breath_epf DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0108

I know, I know…no blog posts in a month, and all of a sudden I post twice in 24 hours. Sick days at home free up a little more blog time. We’re all on the mend, and everyone should be back to work and school tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend.


Baby Poll – 30 weeks

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of me from January 11, 2013 and today, at 30 weeks along in this pregnancy.



Amazingly enough, that was two months ago, how can it be? In two months from now, we’ll nearly be on our way to the hospital! I was wearing the same thing today, so I felt it was only appropriate to document it. I feel way bigger than I look, especially after a hard day of bending and being on my feet at work. The only difference, aside from my larger mid-section, is my change in wedding rings. My regular rings mostly fit, but they can get snug depending on the hour. I haven’t had too much water retention yet, but I know it’s coming soon.

I went through and organized 4 years worth of baby/toddler clothes and shoes this past weekend. No easy task! The neutral/boyish stuff has been separated, the newborn neutral baby clothes are upstairs waiting to be washed, and the rest of it (8 bins of clothes and 2 bags of shoes) is neatly in the basement ready to use or leave.

This was my first or second box, the cutest and tiniest stuff, and just before I realized the mess I had gotten myself into.IMG_4479


I had lost steam at this point, but regained momentum after a shower.IMG_2948


And another view, just to be thorough…DSC_0124


The incomplete pile of gender neutral stuff, it got way bigger. What? Pink swim diapers are absolutely gender neutral. Real men wear pink, and mama ain’t buying another pool poop catcher.DSC_0126


The neat and orderly results! We even seem to have more room in the basement too, just by condensing and organizing.IMG_2958

Part of my job was to sort through the 20 or so heirloom baby garments that David’s mom brought down. In the adorable, vintage pile, I found a couple of options for baby’s first wedding…a mere two weeks after his/her due date.IMG_2955


All of this baby clothes business has me wondering who will be joining us in a few weeks. We all have our opinions, expect for me…I have NO IDEA! I keep thinking boy, but I also thought that with Estelle. I’d be perfectly fine with either boy or girl. David thinks boy, but he also thinks he’s destined to only have girls. Estelle thinks the baby is a girl, period. Amongst family and at work, I most often get the boy guess. I’m curious what you all think! For the record, I haven’t noticed many glaring differences between this pregnancy and last. I’ve lost my hearing and been sick (cold, cough, pink eye, cold, cough) a bunch more this time around. My food cravings leaned towards the salty side early on, but I don’t have many cravings now.


Thanks for taking the time to vote! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in about 9 weeks. It will be here in a flash.



Poang Thang

It’s time to show some Poang love! I know Poang chairs get a bad rap on the home decor scene. They are fairly inexpensive and everywhere. Although, aside from the price, they are not too different than those Eames rockers (real or fake) that I see in every nursery on Apartment Therapy! We have a Poang, it has been in the family for close to 8 years, and it kept me comfortable during many hours of breastfeeding. Gliders sure are nice for that purpose, but they are often huge and very expensive. While it would be nice to find the perfect petite upholstered rocking arm chair for the corner of our bedroom, it will take me years to find the right piece. In the meantime, I’ll have another mouth to feed for hours on end next year. It was time to work with what we already have!

The navy blue fabric on our original Poang was looking faded and covered in cat fur. Way back in September, I decided that we had nothing to lose by a little experimentation, so I stripped off the cover and bleached that bad boy. I soaked half of it it for hours and hours, maybe too many hours. I put it back in the washer mid-way through bleaching because I had to take an extended bleach break. It came out of the washer ripped. The bleach destroyed the weave structure! I know textiles well enough, and I knew that was a possibility…oh well.

Since I was sort of chair hunting, I was in no immediate hurry to replace the now ruined cushion cover. I used a blanket to cover up the gross foam innards as a temporary solution. The blanket was covered in cat fur in no time!

We found ourselves at Ikea a couple weeks ago with a horrible mess of a 3-year-old. We were looking at new Poang cushions. The cheap ones were tempting, but the colors and quality were limited. I went for the next tier fabric cushion in brown, with the logic that I will be spending plenty of time planted on that cushion. David hastily decided that brown leather would be an even better choice due to cat fur, despite the significantly higher price tag. I wasn’t going to argue…that’s what I really wanted anyways!

I’m liking the new brown leather cushions. It makes the Poang look a little more grown up, kind of like the 30-somethings we are! In any case, it will do just fine until the most perfect chair comes along.

We made some other Ikea purchases two weekends ago too, but I will have to share those another time. A few minutes ago, I fell asleep at the keyboard. Yikes! Have you made any fun Ikea purchases recently? Do you also love things that the cool kids don’t?

Have a happy week,


Bedroom Reveal

Our master bedroom redo is done! And by done, I mean it’s mostly done, but we’ll probably keep tweaking it for months because that is our idea of fun. This past weekend, we hung up some art, dyed a blanket, and installed the cellular shades. As I sit here and edit the photos, I realize how not great they are. It’s quite likely because SOMEONE kept photo bombing despite my best efforts to keep her in the background (see last photo). One day soon I will take the time to do a proper house tour, and that will most definitely include better bedroom photos. I just knew all twenty of our readers were sitting at home biting their nails waiting for the final photos of our bedroom, so I couldn’t keep you all waiting.

A view of the head board shelf
See that nice clean brown blanket I dyed? Yeah, Lola gave us a hairball on it that same night. Thanks, cat!
Check out those new shades, no more paper on the windows!
A little detail of Granby Bullseye without his glaring light…the Amsterdam bike garage photo is by David.

Here is a final look at our to-do list, and an estimated price breakdown for each completed task:

  • Fill screw holes and sand the headboard – Headboard wood and supplies were $130
  • Install baseboard at wall patch area, install quarter round throughout the room – We already had these
  • PAINT – headboard will be white, walls will be white and Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, trim will be white,touch up paint on trim and at edges – Benjamin Moore Natura in Palladian Blue was $60, Primer and roller pads $20, We already had the white semi-gloss trim paint by Mythic
  • Find an attractive extension cord/power strip for our lamp, it will be hidden behind the headboard
  • Buy the FJELLSE pine bed from Ikea, chop off the head board, sand, paint it white, spray paint screws – $50
  • Buy plastic bins for headboard storage
  • Move the two file cabinets down to the basement – Free man labor, thanks David
  • New window treatments, probably some inconspicuous white cellular shades – $100 for off-the-shelf blackout cellular shades by Allen + Roth at Lowes
  • Rework existing wall art and restyle the headboard contents – $10 for gesso and posterboard
  • Maybe a new duvet cover, and dye existing off-white duvet covers and blankets – idye packs are $3 each
  • We need to do something about the Ikea Poang, new cushion cover?
  • Find a couple of decorative pillows – the orange chinoiserie pillow was a gift from my Mom, but I’d like one more pillow
  • Maybe a neutral jute or striped rug, eventually

Total spent so far, $375 (rounded up) – Not too shabby for a new bed, window treatments, and paint job

BONUS PRIZE! You also get to see what else we hung up this weekend. There are no more frames on our floors upstairs, it’s a good feeling after a year of nothing on the walls. We actually had too much to hang, so some is stashed away for future switches. Not that diplomas are wall art, but they are funny when hung in bathrooms. I credit our Chicago friends, Matt and Joey, with the diploma in bathroom idea. Maybe in our next house.


Our upstairs hallway gained a gallery wall
Estelle’s big girl room is inching toward completion, next project is a cool headboard for her…
The animal prints were found at the Golden Nugget Flea Market in July.

The photo bomber seems pretty pooped, and so am I! We have fun plans for Labor Day weekend, and I hope you all do too. We will surely have good material for a blog post next week, or you can stay tuned via Instagram @southfeasterdelphia for more instant gratification.



We Have Color!

Our bedroom makeover is very nearly done! We just have a few minor things to tackle before Labor Day weekend. David was our awesome painter this weekend, and I was mostly on Estelle duty. I did finish up the trim paint, but that was all of 2 ft. of help. Check out the progress!


In Progress:





After, but still in progress:




Well, what else do we have to do?! I copied our to-do list from previous posts, and added some little odd and ends.

  • Fill screw holes and sand the headboard
  • Install baseboard at wall patch area, install quarter round throughout the room
  • PAINT – headboard will be white, walls will be white and Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, trim will be white, touch up paint on trim and at edges
  • Find an attractive extension cord/power strip for our lamp, it will be hidden behind the headboard
  • Buy the FJELLSE pine bed from Ikea, chop off the head board, sand, paint it white, spray paint screws
  • Buy plastic bins for headboard storage
  • Move the two file cabinets down to the basement
  • New window treatments, probably some inconspicuous white cellular shades, these blackout shades were purchased a few minutes ago
  • Rework existing wall art and restyle the headboard contents, the harmonica framing is as far as I got today
  • Maybe a new duvet cover, and dye existing off-white duvet covers and blankets, idye packs are in hand
  • We need to do something about the Ikea Poang, new cushion cover?
  • Find a couple of decorative pillows
  • Maybe a neutral jute rug, eventually

David is already getting excited about his next project…updating/finishing the bathroom trim, which would include wood panel wainscoting. The wood you see is an old gym floor, it would probably be sanded down, much like the wood wall just outside the bathroom.


But wait! It was not all work and no play this weekend. We helped some friends celebrate their daughter’s third birthday. They hosted a very fun South Philadelphia block party! Too bad we can’t do this every weekend. Estelle did not want to leave, and she nearly fell asleep in her stroller on the short walk home.







How’s that for one well-documented weekend?! The weather was perfect…you can tell September is near. Have a good week, everyone.


Grocery List: A Less Dreadful Chore

We spent years of making dinner pretty much on the fly, and stopping by the grocery store as needed. Then we threw a kid into the mix with working parents, and things just got messy. Somehow, about a year ago, David became the primary grocery shopper. I think it started when Estelle turned two, and she was impossible to take the grocery store for more than 3 minutes. One of us had to stay home while the other person did the shopping, and that eventually evolved into me staying home doing chores and minding the little one while David did his best to navigate my list and the store. We are now to the point where dad and daughter can actually go shopping together, usually in the morning before the store gets crowded.

Making a weekly dinner menu and grocery list ranks pretty high on my list of most hated things to do. It has taken a while, but I think I finally have this list thing figured out! I really had an “a-ha” moment last weekend when I had the idea to use an extra envelope for my weekly list. I added some fun hand writing to make it look a little more special. Bonus: the envelope is perfect for holding coupons and recipes!


After the grocery trip, the menu can be put some place handy. In our case it’s above the kitchen sink.


I really cannot say enough about how much this helps our daily lives. A little bit of effort up front really pays off. If you can, give it a try. No worries if not. I have also been known to use the iPhone Notepad Ap to email the list to David. This is equally as helpful since I always have my list with me for more perishable or last minute purchases.

My Type A Tip of the Day is to organize your grocery list by where things appear in your store. This requires a draft list, which I probably shouldn’t admit to doing, but I like nice looking final lists. I’m just keeping it real and embracing my Type A tendencies over here!

I promise to include a cute kid and cat post next, but it may also include paint…that’s just how we roll these days. Pun intended, paint, roll, get it?

Two days until the weekend, hey-o!


Bedroom Progress

And by progress, I mean…we’re still not finished! Trim painting in unglamorous work, and there’s not much to show for it, aside from crisp white trim. It’s a welcome change from the crusty state it was in before. Wall paint is on the schedule for next weekend.

Estelle was playing by the pool with Dave’s parents while we hunched over priming and painting the bed, headboard, and trim. We also locked Lola downstairs since it was extremely likely that she’d want to rub up on some wet paint. The long stints of whining meowing let us know she was not pleased to be locked out of her boudoir.

David took down the dark and dusty curtains and blinds, and check out all that light! The curtains are washed and ready for a new home if anyone is interested! We are replacing them with white blackout cellular shades. I like curtains, just not in our house, the radiators tend to get in the way and the plaster walls don’t hold a screw very well. We still have one little corner of trim to finish, thanks to some significant patching that had to take place.



The headboard and bed are now white. The screws heads on the bed will be spray painted white next weekend.

The plaster on this wall was primed, in case you didn’t notice the change from white to white…

Stay tuned for painted wall progress next week. I will be back later this week with a post about tackling one of my least favorite chores…meal planning and grocery lists. Exciting stuff, right? Nope, but a girl’s gotta eat.