Neighborhood Photo Walk

Estelle, her Dad and their camera took a long walk around the ‘hood this morning — These are their images:

And one more photo — not from today’s walk, but from last weekend and Estelle’s bout with a nasty stomach bug. With her energy sapped, she couldn’t even make it through dinner:


Who’s That?

On our walk around the neighborhood this morning (see today’s other post), we played a little game — let’s call it “Who’s That?” — basically, we point to someone on the big mural around the corner, and Estelle says who she thinks it is.  Here are some of Estelle’s declarations:




Out of curiosity, we continued the game at the window of the collectibles shop we passed on our way home…



Uncle Charlie & an Elephant

Uncle Charlie showed Estelle his excellent elephant imitation during an iChat conversation this past weekend. Since then, Estelle has been practicing her elephant imitation and the word “Charlie”. Uncle Chris, do you have any animal sound specialties?

Another Winter Weekend in Fenwick

Weather was nice for us again, albeit a bit cold.  That didn’t keep Estelle from her new favorite word though: BEACH!

3 A’s (plus High-Chair News)



Annoyance (at least that’s Lola’s opinion):

As for the aforementioned High-Chair News — no more tray!  Eating like a big girl now at the dining table.

Wedding Shower Weekend

Some photos from the ladies’ trip south last weekend — cousin Erin’s wedding shower in NC.

Estelle, meet cake made of towels:

Towel Cake, meet Estelle’s teeth…