A Post from Stephanie

Whatever your beliefs, the afterlife sure gained an interesting cast of characters this week!  It is with a heavy heart that we have to add Estelle’s great grandfather (and my grandfather) to this list.  Herbert Garrison Jr. passed away peacefully in the hospital late last night.  I don’t know that he is moonwalking with Michael Jackson, but he sure is enjoying the company of a foxy 1970s Farrah Fawcett!  We are so happy we were able to visit with him earlier this month.  He never thought he would live to see a great grandchild, but things have a way of working out just right:



Watch Me Grow!

Estelle in her coming home outfit in April and again in June.  She is now too long, and the little pink ensemble must be retired!

cominghomeoutfit117 April 2009

cominghomeoutfitsmall20 June 2009


Skype-ing With Avô

What Estelle is thinking:  I am truly mesmerized by this video conferencing technology that allows me to see all the way to Norfolk & zone out on the ceiling fan swirling above Avô’s head…


Another Family Photo Shoot





Visit With Uncle Chris

Let us know if anyone knows of any baseball teams managed by an Uncle Chris…



For those out-of-towners that have never been, this is what we were working on last winter and moved into in March:

Pool Party

This time Estelle enjoyed the water much more.