Cookie see, cookie do. Apparently Estelle saw an episode of Sesame Street where Cookie Monster played the violin, and she wanted to do the same (but with ukulele and chop stick)…



Happy 30th Birthday to the best husband, father, friend, playmate, architect, handyman two girls could ask for! We hope you have a great day despite it being a dreary Wednesday.

Much love,

Stephanie + Estelle

David rocking the lederhosen, mid-1980s. 


Making cupcakes for dad’s birthday means a BIG smile!


Jumper Outfit & “JOB”

Two things that Estelle wanted to show off in her room: 1) the fantastic outfit from Aunt Dale, and 2) her “job” (also known as “the door/wall project that dad is slowly undertaking in her bedroom”)…



Apple Cider Popsicle

Not sure if this is a “too sour face” or a “too cold face”, but sure is a FUNNY face…

Oh, and at the end, that isn’t Harby she is calling, but Harvey, as in the big white rabbit from the Jimmy Stewart film by the same name —  Harvey lives in our dining room — hopefully we’re not promoting too much of an imagination!

Reenactment with Renzo

First, Renzo and Estelle saw this: My New Friend (May 2009)

Which made them want to do this:

Fun at The Pop Shop

Check out the hat! And cupcake!