Dad & Stelly’s Sunday Drawing

We’ll leave it to you to decide who drew what… Elmo!


NEW VIDEO: Rocker Reader & Snack, Hollywood-Style

One Week until Hokie Football Returns

Estelle’s excited… Are you?

2010 Beach Weekends in Fenwick

Girl’s Night!

That means Coco Puffs for dinner!

We are sandwiched between 2 beach weekends.  Hopefully, we’ll have some good photos to share with you soon.  Estelle loves the beach, her eyes light up when you mention the word!

New Look

Some formatting funkiness happened with the WordPress overseers, so I hope you aren’t startled by our new look here at South Feaster-delphia dot com.  Fret not, it’s a fresh new look but with the same content you’ve come to know and love – a peek into our familial happenings & a step-by-fall-by-step view of Stelly’s coming of age.  PS: Check out those teeth!


They let me ride this time!