According to friends and family our past photographs do not do Estelle’s size justice.  She really is tiny, but did you expect anything else?!  We had some fun with David’s sports equipment while he was busy working.


Backyard Photoshoot

A beautiful weekend comes to a close with the backyard project having come to completion & David thinking that was cause to celebrate (or at least to have a photoshoot):







Quick backstory on the last one (baby with tongue out in the tree) — Nana Tess found & gave us a red japanese maple as an anniversary gift, the species being most appropriate: acer palmatum dissectum Stella Rossa.  Lastly, Joe, note the computer in the third image down — these technologically savvy folks are ‘blogging from the backyard’…

Estelle’s Gazelles

Thought it worth noting that David’s fantasy baseball team experienced a major jolt up the standings after last week’s renaming of the squad — officially changed from “David’s Goliaths” to “Estelle’s Gazelles” — appropriately named after his new assistant general manager daughter … check out the logo, fear the Gazelles:


Week in Photos

Go figure, but with David back at work and Stephanie working hard at recuperating & adjusting to motherhood, we haven’t had the time to play “mix-master video makers” lately, but here are a few photos from the past week:






Arrival of the BB

No, David has not purchase a BB-gun to tackle the squirrel fiasco that is our back patio.  In this case “BB” refers to Estelle’s shedding of her cord and the official arrival of her Belly Button.  Note how happy she was… bellybuttonNote: This is yet another big step in David’s understanding of the technology at our disposal, as this image is from Stephanie’s cell phone camera, texted to David at work on Friday afternoon.  Gotta love technology.

ESTELLE – Waking Up

Fashionable Lady