Snow Snow Snow Snow

Snow… I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow.  Missed a White Christmas by only a day!  (EP thinks her parents are weirdsmobiles.)


Santa Visits Daycare

Two things to note in this photo from daycare’s Christmas party:  First, apparently ALL toddlers are quite scared of the big jolly man up close and in person… Second, Estelle sure knows when there’s a camera in the house and what it’s used for (must be because she’s so accustomed to her father always having his at the ready).

Holiday E-Cards (& Dancing)

We didn’t get around to mailing real cards this year, but here’s an equally exciting version.  This post could also be called: Dad’s fun with graphic design on a mid-December Friday night after his girls have fallen asleep. Enjoy, and feel free to click on your favorite to print one for your mantel!

And to cap it off, some good old fashion rock ‘n roll dancing:

Christmas Tree Goes Up

Christmas tree went up this past weekend — Estelle was amazed by the process…

A new ornament to the tree this year:

Still trying to get this “smile” thing down…

She couldn’t have said it any clearer — with camera cap in hand, “Dad, enough photos for the day!”

But alas, one more!  And a BIG one at that!

Belly Laugh

This cold weather is belly-laughable!

Estelle’s New Favorite…

Go Team!

Big game tonight!  Mommy thinks I look like a boy in the consignment outfit that daddy picked out for me!