Halloween 2011: The Red Witch

Someone was quite excited on the walk to daycare this morning… And props to Stephanie for the killer costume!



Pumpkin Pie!




‘Grandmom’ / Charlotte S. Feaster (1926-2011)

This post is a bit late, but as many of you South Feaster-delphia blog followers probably already know, Grandmom passed away earlier this month at the age of 85.

Below is a photo from when she first met her great-granddaughter in April of 2009 (at the tender age of 1 day old!).

We’ll never forget how much it lit up her eyes each and every time she saw Estelle. We’re so very thankful for the time they shared together, and let it serve as a reminder to be grateful for each and every day you’re able to spend with loved ones.

Love you Grandmom!

– David, Stephanie & Estelle

Sandcastles: Knock ’em Over!

From last weekend in Fenwick. (This is David’s first attempt at publishing video to the blog straight from his phone, so fingers crossed that it works!)

Back to Fenwick!


Pretty in Pink

The girls were home today. Estelle potentially has pink eye, but the advice nurse didn’t think it warranted a visit. We will have to check back tomorrow. Estelle spotted her pink leotard and tutu, and needed to put it on right away. I suggested the sweater and leg warmers because it’s not exactly July. We also painted red nails. She’s feeling pretty fancy today despite her eye! The graphing calculator circa 1996 is her pretend phone, Zach Morris would be jealous.


Papa’s Tractor