Just Another Weekend

This is just a very quick recap of our quiet weekend home! SOMEONE has complained about the lack of new blog posts. I just feel like we aren’t doing anything very exciting right now, so there hasn’t been much to report. It’s the calm before the storm…the storm of new adventures!

Estelle’s newest post-dinner activity has been to clear off a dance floor and boogie. She was showing off her spinning skills on Saturday night! We have even better (more embarrassing) video we took after this, but we will save that for her future boyfriends and/or anyone who asks to see it in person!

We met up with my uncle, aunt, and three cousins on Sunday morning. They were on their way home from spring break. They spent the night in Philly, and we jumped at the opportunity to eat a huge breakfast and go on a quick walking tour of Center City! Check out some of our silly photos. I know my uncle took some good photos, he had his nice camera…we had iPhones.







Until next time!



Theater or Theatre?

I don’t think it REALLY matters! Do you?

Want to hear a funny story? Well, it’s less funny and more of a Stephanie messed up story. David purchased the three of us tickets to two shows this winter and spring at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia. The tickets were supposed to be a surprise gift for me for Christmas, but I mistakenly thought the envelope was junk mail. I opened it the day it arrived. To be fair, the envelope was in our junk mail pile that David often neglects. I quickly realized my mistake without ruining too much of the surprise. I didn’t see ALL of the tickets, just one. For all I knew, it could have been season tickets. In reality, they were tickets to see Cinderella and Pinnochio…both before Little Baby arrives this spring. That David is a smart guy, just not quick enough to hide his mail when he gets home!

Let me preface this post with a few facts. We are not regular theatre-goers. We rarely see concerts. Heck, we hardly leave the house to watch movies. Estelle has been to a puppet show, but this was her first live-acting theatre experience. She has only been exposed to the Disney version of Cinderella. We haven’t delved much into the Brothers Grimm versions of the classic fairy tales, but I’m looking to remedy that soon (with this book in particular). It goes without saying, we took a gamble. We had no idea if this would be a win or a flop with the little lady. Well, it was a win, a big fat win. All of us LOVED the show. It was funny. The costumes were an awesome mix of historic and contemporary styles. The story was creative but didn’t stray too very much from the original. The stage and props were very minimalistic, with lots of use of shadows. It was the perfect introduction to stage performance, and we very much look forward to seeing Pinocchio in April. I think after these two shows, Estelle will be ready for her first Nutcracker experience in December 2013. I’ve only been looking forward to that day for 4 years!

estelle theatre

If you can find a way to see Cinderella before it closes, please do. You won’t regret it, and boys will enjoy it just as much as girls. There are butt jokes, wedgies, and a king who refuses to bathe. The little boy next to me was cracking up.

Estelle by tree

After the show, we headed on over to Franklin Fountain to get that milkshake I never had back in September. Then we continued the old-timey establishment trend, and checked out Shane Confectionery. Our bellies were too full of sweets to even think about buying anything! Maybe next time.

franklinfountain1 franklinfountain2

Thank you for letting me gush about our fun day! We certainly hope you had a pretty OK weekend yourselves. I owe you all a kids’ bedroom update soon, we are very S-L-O-W-L-Y making changes. Although, the holidays are over, and time is no longer on our side.


Halfway Happy New Year

Does my post title make me seem less-than-thrilled about the New Year? On the contrary, we are quite excited about the adventures to come in 2013! Between weddings, baby, and a new family lake cabin to visit, there is much to look forward to this year. The “halfway there” just means I am officially more than halfway through this pregnancy. Only 4 months left of feeling like we kind of know what we’re doing.

This is where I would insert a cute belly bump photo of me, but no one has offered to take one. I guess I will have to take matters into my own hands get off my lazy butt and fetch the tripod one of these days when I’m looking half-decent.

This year, we rang in the New Year very quietly. We were on the sofa, trying our best to stay awake, and quietly making fun of the people standing in Times Square for hours on end. How can that possibly be fun?! There were fireworks in the neighborhood, right outside Estelle’s window. I’m still not sure how she didn’t wake up, but she managed to sleep through the ruckus.

While New Years Eve was very quiet, New Years day was our fun day. We went to our first ever Mummers parade. It was fantastically South Philly, and made even better by the fact that we were never far from a warm house, warm food, and a clean toilet. We usually travel for New Years, which is why this was our first Mummers parade, but that might need to change from here on out. It’s hard to describe the Mummers parade, but just imagine a drunken Philadelphia Mardi Gras.  It lasts for the better part of the day. There are string bands, comics, and fancy brigades. It’s a competition between Mummers clubs, and the most creative, choreographed, fancy club wins.  That’s enough of my outsider’s viewpoint, just look at our modest iPhone photos.

mummers2 parade watching3 mummers1 parade watching2 parade dancing parade watching1

I think those frog guys and gals won most drunk club this year, they  over stayed their grand stage “performance” by 20 minutes, oops. Who is that other cute little gal in our photos?! We met up with some friends at the parade, and they kindly had us over for hot drinks, hot food, and princess dress up games.

I hope your New Year celebrations were all you expected them to be! Are there any great big resolutions out there? We are keeping our 2013 goals very simple. Our first (family) goal is to keep track of our daily spending habits for the next 3 months. My second (personal) goal is to make more grits. Random! I have a stockpile of North Carolina stone ground grits, so why let them go to waste? We aim high here at Southfeasterdelphia. So far, so good. We’ve kept up with both of our goals. We enjoyed grits and poached egg sandwiches this past Saturday morning.


The glitter New Years garland below was spotted at the old-timey Shane Confectionery. Today’s adventure requires a separate blog post, but this photo felt more at home in this New Years post.

New Years Wishes

Here’s to a Kick-Ass 2013!


Holiday Firsts

Please note: I started writing this post prior to Friday’s tragic massacre in Newtown, CT. I was pretty useless at work after I heard the news. Lots of tears were shed for children and families that are not my own. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the events and think about the Newtown community during what should be a very happy time. I wish a virtual hug would help. I wish stricter gun laws alone would help. I wish we didn’t glamorize violence so much. I wish quality mental heath care was readily available and not stigmatized. I wish a whole mess of things that are only going to happen if our nation comes together. How many more children must die to realize that the status quo is not OK?

Despite the heaviness of my note above, it is the time for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa! How are you all celebrating one or many of these holidays? Or maybe you’re sick and resting, all sorts of gross stuff seems to be going around lately. We’ve done a little bit of resting and celebrating the past couple of weeks. Well, only I’ve been sick, but it’s definitely helping me slow down a bit. I managed to feel well enough to go to David’s office party last Friday night. It was a family affair, and they had a photo booth, see for yourself. Who’s the boss?


Last Sunday, our friends from Baltimore came up to do some of their traditional Philly holiday things. Funny enough, we hadn’t done most of them before! They had cousins and friends join us too, it was a nice afternoon of holiday firsts.

For starters, we successfully waited in the longest line ever to see the creepy animatronics Dickens’ Village at the Macy’s in the old Wanamaker Building. The end of the line led us to photos with Santa. Did I mention we had 2 newborns, a 2-year-old, and our 3.5-year-old in tow? Yeah, I’m amazed we survived with no meltdowns (from the kids and adults). I think the grown ups got the most cranky towards the end, we were HUNGRY. Estelle has previously refused photos with Santa, but I think having a whole gaggle of little girls helped ease her fears. Santa was holding the babies after all, how bad can he be?!



After we figured out how to pay for these photos, we ventured over to Lucky Strike Lanes for some food and drinks. We just sat in the lounge sofa area…it was perfect. Never missing an opportunity to use a photo booth, we sent the bigger girls in to do their thang.


Our next stop was a walk-through of the Christmas Village at Love Park. It’s an outdoor market type place I walk by daily, but never visit. It was cold and it started to mist, so we quickly headed over to the Comcast Center for their holiday show. They have a huge television screen on the lobby wall, the technology is hard to describe in such simple terms, but definitely worth the trip. This little boy statue in the Comcast lobby had girls crawling all over him, what’s his secret? The grand finale of the show included indoor snow…I’m glad our cable internet payments are going towards something important.




This weekend we need to finish up some gift shopping. Oh, and wrap, pack, and ship presents. We also have plans to celebrate the season with some neighbors while watching Love Actually and eating good food. Happy weekend, and much love to those whose weekends and holidays will be less than happy. We won’t forget you this weekend, not in the slightest.


Eleven Reasons for a Room Switch

Estelle and I left Philly on Saturday. We are currently stuck in sunny Florida with a cute newborn and great family. Darn! Lola and Estelle’s stuffed animals are “helping” David weather the storm. All is well in Philly, or so I am told. Our block still has power, which is not surprising given the density of buildings and lack of trees. Our original flight home was supposed to be on Tuesday, but I changed it to Thursday to give Philly some time to get back on track, literally because we need to take the train home from the airport!

David has been busy switching rooms, hanging out, watching football, working from home, texting me photos of our beach haunts under water, and clearing out the fridge. I think he misses us crazy girls…maybe?

So yeah, what’s that about switching rooms? Even though we had not even completed the finishing touches on Estelle’s room, we decided to move her to the back room. Why?!?

You saw that right! We are adding a tiny and loud human to the mix in May, and the semi-shared room set up will temporarily work much better this way. Best to do it now, so Estelle doesn’t feel like she’s getting the boot to a smaller, less purple room. Don’t worry, we plan to lavish her with a cool bed tent/canopy and a dream light!

Here is what we have so far…photos by David. Tweaks will probably be made over the next 7 months!



Are we finding out the gender this time? No! David has convinced me to be surprised. Will we possibly put a boy in a purple room? Yes! I think we can make it work until we are settled and ready to tackle house projects again…in 2015.

Baby Feaster’s due date is May 20, 2013. I am nearly out of the first trimester, at 11 weeks. The ultrasound is of the baby around 9 weeks. I started showing almost right away, so this is old news for the people we see most often. It took me entirely too long to come up with a way to make a digital announcement! Oh, and I’m too tired to blog most nights.

What does queenie think? Estelle insists the baby is a girl, and her name is Elizabeth. We will see how long that lasts, tonight she wanted to name it Trash Can.

It looks like we will be trick or treating in Florida. We will attempt to take a good cousins-in-costume photo! Expect another blog post this week…because that’s what happens when I don’t work most of the week.

Happy Halloween! My thoughts are most definitely with my friends and family dealing with this Frankenstorm!


Phillies 2012

We hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was productive in that low key way where you stay in pajamas all day, yay! Clarification, David and Estelle got dressed for both days, I did not.

Although David had been to a Phillies game this season, all three of us finally made it to a game on Saturday night. The weather was slightly wet at first, but very pleasant once we got to our seats. We got there very early, and had to wait at the gates, but that allowed us to beat the crowds and eat at Harry the K’s for the first time ever. Estelle did great, despite missing a nap earlier in the day. We made it through all 9 innings, and to top if off, the Phillies won! Estelle was no match for the walk to the subway…she was pretty much out until 7 am the next morning.



I’m going to make this a quick little post because I need to get to bed. Enjoy these handful of pictures, and stay tuned for more finished photos of our bedroom and other rooms in the house. We actually got around to hanging art this weekend, finally!




I’m here with our Father’s Day recap. We were lucky enough to celebrate two fathers yesterday, David and his dad. My mom and dad are on vacation soaking up some homeland Azorean culture…we will get to spend some quality time with them in a few days. Estelle and I woke up early, or Estelle woke up early, so I did too. Estelle got to practice her letter and scissor skills making a DAD banner.

Next, we made some waffles, and got ready for a ferry ride over to the Camden River Sharks game. We lucked out with the weather, I was thankful for the clouds most of the day.

We headed back to PA on the ferry with enough time to check out Dia de Portugal or Philadelphia Portuguese Heritage Festival. Although I’m half Portuguese and live in Philadelphia, I had no idea this festival was going on yesterday! To put it in perspective, we hardly ever never take the ferry to Camden, and we had never been to the stage area of Penn’s Landing. We were meant to be there. To top it off, Portugal beat the Netherlands in an UEFA Euro 2012 match while we were there! Força Portugal!

Estelle was fascinated by the little dancers, so cute!

The obligatory TV tent, for game watching.

We wrapped up the day with a ride home in a convertible, and dinner at our place.

A big thank you to the fathers in my life…baby daddy, my dad, and my father-in-law!

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