Christmas Photo Fail

The holiday card photo that never was…

holiday fail

They had on new pajamas! However, William needed a nap and Estelle had something in her eye. We ran out of time, and ended up using an Instagram photo from this summer on our holiday cards.¬†As of today, Estelle’s new pajamas have bike grease on them. Better luck next year…




Holiday Firsts

Please note: I started writing this post prior to Friday’s tragic massacre in Newtown, CT. I was pretty useless at work after I heard the news. Lots of tears were shed for children and families that are not my own. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the events and think about the Newtown community during what should be a very happy time. I wish a virtual hug would help. I wish stricter gun laws alone would help. I wish we didn’t glamorize violence so much. I wish quality mental heath care was readily available and not stigmatized. I wish a whole mess of things that are only going to happen if our nation comes together. How many more children must die to realize that the status quo is not OK?

Despite the heaviness of my note above, it is the time for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa! How are you all celebrating one or many of these holidays? Or maybe you’re sick and resting, all sorts of gross stuff seems to be going around lately. We’ve done a little bit of resting and celebrating the past couple of weeks. Well, only I’ve been sick, but it’s definitely helping me slow down a bit. I managed to feel well enough to go to David’s office party last Friday night. It was a family affair, and they had a photo booth, see for yourself. Who’s the boss?


Last Sunday, our friends from Baltimore came up to do some of their traditional Philly holiday things. Funny enough, we hadn’t done most of them before! They had cousins and friends join us too, it was a nice afternoon of holiday firsts.

For starters, we successfully waited in the longest line ever to see the creepy animatronics Dickens’ Village at the Macy’s in the old Wanamaker Building. The end of the line led us to photos with Santa. Did I mention we had 2 newborns, a 2-year-old, and our 3.5-year-old in tow? Yeah, I’m amazed we survived with no meltdowns (from the kids and adults). I think the grown ups got the most cranky towards the end, we were HUNGRY. Estelle has previously refused photos with Santa, but I think having a whole gaggle of little girls helped ease her fears. Santa was holding the babies after all, how bad can he be?!



After we figured out how to pay for these photos, we ventured over to Lucky Strike Lanes for some food and drinks. We just sat in the lounge sofa area…it was perfect. Never missing an opportunity to use a photo booth, we sent the bigger girls in to do their thang.


Our next stop was a walk-through of the Christmas Village at Love Park. It’s an outdoor market type place I walk by daily, but never visit. It was cold and it started to mist, so we quickly headed over to the Comcast Center for their holiday show. They have a huge television screen on the lobby wall, the technology is hard to describe in such simple terms, but definitely worth the trip. This little boy statue in the Comcast lobby had girls crawling all over him, what’s his secret? The grand finale of the show included indoor snow…I’m glad our cable internet payments are going towards something important.




This weekend we need to finish up some gift shopping. Oh, and wrap, pack, and ship presents. We also have plans to celebrate the season with some neighbors while watching Love Actually and eating good food. Happy weekend, and much love to those whose weekends and holidays will be less than happy. We won’t forget you this weekend, not in the slightest.