Ready for Food

Well, not quite, but soon! I actually let William taste some of my chicken soup broth today. He dropped everything he was doing as soon as the spoon came near him. He’s eager, to say the least. I have sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash waiting to be cooked up and pureed.

We had a great to-do list for today, but only accomplished a fraction of it. Instead of making baby food, I opted to prep the high chair. It was being used by big sister as a junior chair, but we warned her that she needed to upgrade to a big seat soon. It’s actually a nice place for him to sit because he’s really into that big boy stuff now, but he is not sitting unassisted yet, and I don’t do those Bumbo seats.


I thought I would dig through the archives for a photo of Estelle trying out this same chair 4 years ago. She was just shy of 4 months in this photo.


And here she is now, proudly showing off her baby brother. These two love each other a lot. I wonder if it’s a forever thing? I’d say William has her heart unless he repeatedly drools on her My Little Ponies and Disney Princess dolls.


William is not crawling yet, but his legs certainly try. I’m not rushing mobility. We still need to wrangle the toys with small parts (one of those things on our to-do list that didn’t get done). There’s always next weekend.

I will be back soon because William has a 5-month birthday in a matter of hours!



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