The Name Game

Please humor me, folks. After 7 months of constantly thinking about baby names, I think I’m in withdrawal. Let’s talk names! I’m specifically interested in what you all would have been named had you been the opposite gender.

First up is William Ellsworth, our most recent naming project. Had William been a girl, he would have been Daphne James. Although, Estelle was pulling hard for Ellie (Eleanor). Some other boy and girl names we seriously tossed around included Elizabeth (Betty), Annabelle and Alfred (Alfie).

Now, Miss Estelle Pilar. She could have been a Howard had she been a boy. There’s a story there. David and I made a bet that if we had a boy, and if the Phillies won the World Series, we would have to name the baby after one of the players in some way, shape or form. We chose Howard, after Ryan Howard. I was convinced that we would have a boy AND the Phillies would win the World Series. Well, I was only half right. I’m very glad they won the World Series in 2008, and I’m even happier to have a girl!

David would have been Katharine Rachel. David’s mom had three boys, but she remembers all of the girl names she would have chosen. So sweet! I would have been Jordan Michael. The famed Michael Jordan was just starting out at UNC and relatively unknown at that time, so there’s no connection there.

Do you know other names your parents considered naming you? Do share! Also, to all those friends and family expecting little ones in the coming months, please feel free to use Daphne. I love it so.

I am back to work this week. William and Estelle are doing fine, as are us adults, but it’s a little hectic. As we work on getting into our groove, please check out these photos from our budding iPhone photographer, Estelle. Blurry? Definitely, but it’s exciting to see kids develop new skills.

Estelle selfie
tummy time
lola cat



2 Responses to The Name Game

  1. I was always going to be Charlie, whether or not I was a boy (Charles) or a girl (Charlotte). I turned out to be the latter, and I’ve never been called Charlie, Lottie occasionally. My brother Joe was always going to be Joe, whether or not he was a boy (Joseph) or a girl (Josephine). My parents either weren’t very inventive or they just loved those two names 🙂

  2. Dale says:

    Don’t know what the choices were for me but our guys would have been named Susan Elizabeth had they been girls. Because Peter was a boy, we saw no reason not to recycle the girls name for # 2 who turned out to be Nathaniel…. So Susan Elizabeth … Unused…

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