Holy Luke!

Tomorrow morning, 5:30 am starts off drill week at our house. We will be practicing getting ready and out of the house with two kids. I go back to work in one week. Until then, I will procrastinate the inevitable by reliving our whirlwind weekend full of family, friends, and fun in lovely Annapolis, Maryland!

If you remember, we helped my sister and her husband celebrate their wedding at the Naval Academy Chapel back in March 2012. Well, we were back earlier today to witness the baptism of their 10-month-old son, Luke. All of Luke’s cousins from both sides, plus his god-family, joined in the festivities. With all those kiddos, it was bound to be a fun and wild time. As always, these priceless weekends with family and friends go too quickly. We hated to say goodbye. Without further ado, here are some photos.



Luke really likes hair, here he is patting his godmother’s head…charmer.

Not my best photography work! Here’s hoping I got a better shot with the other camera?





All of the kids. Naturally, Estelle is doing something weird for the camera.

All of Luke’s cousins (and Luke)!

Let’s get outta here!



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