Romper Room

Don’t be misled, this is not a room post. No, it’s a strange, sleep-deprived ode to the romper. Just to be clear, a romper is a one-piece loosely fitted garment having short bloomers. I love them. The cotton knit rompers are perfect for babies in the summer. William has several cute ones with collars, but he’s too small for a collar right now. He just wants to chew them.

Our friends sent us the above Circo Dino romper from Target. William wears it twice a week, at least. We have since expanded our collection to this bright one and a couple more in the next size. They are $7 a pop, a bargain at twice the price.

Those same generous friends just had a baby girl last week. We MIGHT have sent her a cute girlie romper in return!

Collarless rompers are smart choices for the littlest men and ladies in these hot days of summer.

Estelle has a cool romper too (not pictured). It took her the better part of a day to realize the skirt was actually shorts…



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