Belly Series

As promised a while back, here are all of David’s clever Instagram belly series. With the exception of the photo from the hospital, our props and timing were very random! If anyone wanted to recreate this, you could give it a little more forethought to make it really special. I included a very real “selfie” because we never thought to do a real deal belly image. I really hate taking my own picture.

Two bottle caps?! Yes, it’s fairly evident that we like beer. No, I didn’t drink much of it while pregnant…just some sips.

I am managing just fine with two kiddos at home this summer. Please note that I said managing, not totally acing this stay-at-home-mom gig. However, I finally got Miss No Nap Estelle to take a decent nap today. Supermom!

I’m hoping to make a birth story post sometime soon. Not that scheduled c-sections are very exciting, but it might give someone some insight into the procedure and it will certainly remind me of why I will only ever do that twice.



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