Kids’ Room Update

As of this week, we’re about 10 weeks away from meeting our newest family member. There is still much to do to be totally ready. Next weekend, we’ll start organizing the bins of baby and toddler stuff in the basement. So far, we’ve cleared out a couple of dresser drawers for diapers and clothes. We’ll need to get creative to find storage for the blankets, sheets, etc. It involves under bed storage, but our weekend trip to Ikea was a fail in regards to that. We couldn’t even agree on a covered trash pail. However, we were successful in finding a light shade solution for the baby’s room. My mom was in town, and not feeling fierce, so she stayed home with Estelle while David and I had a hot date at Ikea, Target, and the grocery store. For us carless folks, borrowing a car to run these errands is rather luxurious. Thanks, Tess!

The child-free Ikea time gave our brains a chance to problem solve. We wanted a cheap light shade for the ceiling light in the baby’s room. We also didn’t want a whole new fixture, nor did we really want to spray paint the existing fixture to make it look better. We’re lazy, I suppose, or realistic working folks who don’t want to spend their free time doing minor electric work. I will give credit to David for thinking we could make this $10 Ikea pendant shade work by turning it upside down and just letting it sit on the bulb. In true team effort style, I reaffirmed his idea and picked the stripes. The shade is wide enough to cover most of the fixture we weren’t so thrilled about. The abstract stripes add a bit of color. I had wanted to add some turquoise to the room over the next few weeks. We love it! Win.

ikea malin trad shade

baby's room

This room is notoriously difficult to photograph. I tried white balancing with the camera and photoshop. It’s narrow and windowless, which might explain a lot. There’s not really a great time of day to shoot this room, so we would need professional grade lighting. That’s not happening! Here are some other quick snapshots of the baby’s side of the room. The first is a view from the hall of what will be the diaper changing station. The second is a view of the shared bookcases, most of our kid books are kept here.

babys room diaper


I moved some wall art around the other week. However, I have not patched any of the holes I left behind. Add that to the to-do list! Here are some most recent views of Estelle’s room. This room gets great morning light, but I took these photos in the afternoon.

estelles room gallery wall


I think the view below was mistakenly left off of my last tour of Estelle’s room. It’s her bed side table and doll bed. The doll bed might be made over as a DIY gift for someone’s upcoming birthday! Shhhh.


I will be back with another update when things are a little more finished. Here’s hoping we’ll get a nice sunny morning to take some decent photos next time. Also, this might be a good time to put a pre-baby to-do list in writing:

  • Organize baby and toddler clothes, toys, gear
  • Wash/wipe down baby clothes, car seat cushions, travel crib fabric, bouncy seat
  • Get disposable diapers, wipes, and activate cloth diaper service
  • New diaper changing pad for dresser
  • Small white trash bin with lid
  • Patch wall holes
  • New gender neutral crib skirt, possibly graphic/striped turquoise and white
  • Make a gold safari baby mobile to hang over changing table
  • Order some Japanese paper balloons (kamifusen) for over the crib
  • Set up a bassinet, changing surface, and nursing station in our bedroom
  • Pack a hospital bag

Wish us luck! I also have a couple of sewing projects to accomplish before Miss E’s fourth birthday in mid-April.



2 Responses to Kids’ Room Update

  1. Deb Pereira says:

    Sounds like a great wish list . Looking forward to the newest family member.

  2. theresa says:

    Thank you for a wonderful visit this past weekend! Time spent with the Feasters is always memorable, fun and funny! I loved my afternoon respite with Estelle….she can tell some stories, and is a great little “teacher” to all of her “kids”! Your home is always welcoming and inviting, an eclectic mix of old and new, small in space but large in heart….always something interesting to look at and to find interesting little objects displayed here and there! WE are so excited to meet the newest little Feaster and to see Estelle in her new role as big-sister. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Love, Mom, Tess, Nana

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