Theater or Theatre?

I don’t think it REALLY matters! Do you?

Want to hear a funny story? Well, it’s less funny and more of a Stephanie messed up story. David purchased the three of us tickets to two shows this winter and spring at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia. The tickets were supposed to be a surprise gift for me for Christmas, but I mistakenly thought the envelope was junk mail. I opened it the day it arrived. To be fair, the envelope was in our junk mail pile that David often neglects. I quickly realized my mistake without ruining too much of the surprise. I didn’t see ALL of the tickets, just one. For all I knew, it could have been season tickets. In reality, they were tickets to see Cinderella and Pinnochio…both before Little Baby arrives this spring. That David is a smart guy, just not quick enough to hide his mail when he gets home!

Let me preface this post with a few facts. We are not regular theatre-goers. We rarely see concerts. Heck, we hardly leave the house to watch movies. Estelle has been to a puppet show, but this was her first live-acting theatre experience. She has only been exposed to the Disney version of Cinderella. We haven’t delved much into the Brothers Grimm versions of the classic fairy tales, but I’m looking to remedy that soon (with this book in particular). It goes without saying, we took a gamble. We had no idea if this would be a win or a flop with the little lady. Well, it was a win, a big fat win. All of us LOVED the show. It was funny. The costumes were an awesome mix of historic and contemporary styles. The story was creative but didn’t stray too very much from the original. The stage and props were very minimalistic, with lots of use of shadows. It was the perfect introduction to stage performance, and we very much look forward to seeing Pinocchio in April. I think after these two shows, Estelle will be ready for her first Nutcracker experience in December 2013. I’ve only been looking forward to that day for 4 years!

estelle theatre

If you can find a way to see Cinderella before it closes, please do. You won’t regret it, and boys will enjoy it just as much as girls. There are butt jokes, wedgies, and a king who refuses to bathe. The little boy next to me was cracking up.

Estelle by tree

After the show, we headed on over to Franklin Fountain to get that milkshake I never had back in September. Then we continued the old-timey establishment trend, and checked out Shane Confectionery. Our bellies were too full of sweets to even think about buying anything! Maybe next time.

franklinfountain1 franklinfountain2

Thank you for letting me gush about our fun day! We certainly hope you had a pretty OK weekend yourselves. I owe you all a kids’ bedroom update soon, we are very S-L-O-W-L-Y making changes. Although, the holidays are over, and time is no longer on our side.



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