Christmas Card 2012

Happy Christmas! We are here with a quick post of this year’s holiday card.


Thanks to David’s work contacts, we were invited to a free photo session at the Philadelphia Knoll Salesroom at the end of October. Actually, the same day us girls left for Florida and the day before Super Storm Sandy made landfall! David used photoshop to alter the color of Estelle’s clothing since we are seriously lacking in holiday attire. Estelle insisted on bringing the little chihuahua, it has no special meaning!

Here is the back, a photo taken by my cousin back in March in Annapolis, MD. A Perfect Day Photography operates out if NC, but we were all in MD for my sister’s wedding.


We used My Publisher again this year, but this time around David was primarily in charge of the design and ordering. He even addressed most of the cards while I was coughing up a lung on the sofa. So sweet! Side note, my cough is mostly gone. It just took a month and some mucinex to get rid of it.

We hope you all have a great day, whether you are working hard or relaxing with friends and family.



One Response to Christmas Card 2012

  1. Erin Brown says:

    Thanks for the shout out.

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