Poang Thang

It’s time to show some Poang love! I know Poang chairs get a bad rap on the home decor scene. They are fairly inexpensive and everywhere. Although, aside from the price, they are not too different than those Eames rockers (real or fake) that I see in every nursery on Apartment Therapy! We have a Poang, it has been in the family for close to 8 years, and it kept me comfortable during many hours of breastfeeding. Gliders sure are nice for that purpose, but they are often huge and very expensive. While it would be nice to find the perfect petite upholstered rocking arm chair for the corner of our bedroom, it will take me years to find the right piece. In the meantime, I’ll have another mouth to feed for hours on end next year. It was time to work with what we already have!

The navy blue fabric on our original Poang was looking faded and covered in cat fur. Way back in September, I decided that we had nothing to lose by a little experimentation, so I stripped off the cover and bleached that bad boy. I soaked half of it it for hours and hours, maybe too many hours. I put it back in the washer mid-way through bleaching because I had to take an extended bleach break. It came out of the washer ripped. The bleach destroyed the weave structure! I know textiles well enough, and I knew that was a possibility…oh well.

Since I was sort of chair hunting, I was in no immediate hurry to replace the now ruined cushion cover. I used a blanket to cover up the gross foam innards as a temporary solution. The blanket was covered in cat fur in no time!

We found ourselves at Ikea a couple weeks ago with a horrible mess of a 3-year-old. We were looking at new Poang cushions. The cheap ones were tempting, but the colors and quality were limited. I went for the next tier fabric cushion in brown, with the logic that I will be spending plenty of time planted on that cushion. David hastily decided that brown leather would be an even better choice due to cat fur, despite the significantly higher price tag. I wasn’t going to argue…that’s what I really wanted anyways!

I’m liking the new brown leather cushions. It makes the Poang look a little more grown up, kind of like the 30-somethings we are! In any case, it will do just fine until the most perfect chair comes along.

We made some other Ikea purchases two weekends ago too, but I will have to share those another time. A few minutes ago, I fell asleep at the keyboard. Yikes! Have you made any fun Ikea purchases recently? Do you also love things that the cool kids don’t?

Have a happy week,



4 Responses to Poang Thang

  1. Lee says:

    Can I come live at your house?!

  2. I love the brown leather cushions….looks comfy!

    P.S. – LOVE your blog!!! 😀

  3. I never knew they were called that and we’ve got a couple in our basement! We used some weird black chair that could recline and had a footstool (and massage function but we never used it) as our baby chair (2x). It was free with the purchase of our tv several years back. It was actually really comfortable for holding a baby and because it was a faux leather it didn’t collect cat hair (like everything else in our four cat household :)!

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