Nephew News

I interrupt this irregularly, unscheduled blog program to bring you some baby news. Our first and only nephew, Baby Luke, arrived on Friday September 28th…appropriately, during happy hour! My sister and brother-in-law (and mom) were troopers during the 40 hours of labor. Everyone is doing very well, and settling in nicely at home. Estelle and I are making the trip to Florida later this month to meet the little man, so you can most definitely expect more photos in a few weeks. We are just  a tad excited for a pre-Halloween long weekend!

Enough chatter, let’s move on to the photo goods.

Cheering on Virginia Tech and the Naval Academy on his first College Game Day!

Little baby, big bed.

Hanging out in his car seat.

Baby Luke…that is how I looked for the 40 hours I was waiting to hear if you arrived.

Rocking a pumpkin hat like no one else can.

High Five for your first public outing to the long-time family favorite, Chick-fil-A. Teeth first, nuggets later.

Welcome to the world. We cannot wait to meet you and watch you grow.

We love you,

Tia, Unkie Dave, and Estelle








2 Responses to Nephew News

  1. How lovely. Really beautiful.
    Has your portuguese improved?

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