Bedroom Reveal

Our master bedroom redo is done! And by done, I mean it’s mostly done, but we’ll probably keep tweaking it for months because that is our idea of fun. This past weekend, we hung up some art, dyed a blanket, and installed the cellular shades. As I sit here and edit the photos, I realize how not great they are. It’s quite likely because SOMEONE kept photo bombing despite my best efforts to keep her in the background (see last photo). One day soon I will take the time to do a proper house tour, and that will most definitely include better bedroom photos. I just knew all twenty of our readers were sitting at home biting their nails waiting for the final photos of our bedroom, so I couldn’t keep you all waiting.

A view of the head board shelf
See that nice clean brown blanket I dyed? Yeah, Lola gave us a hairball on it that same night. Thanks, cat!
Check out those new shades, no more paper on the windows!
A little detail of Granby Bullseye without his glaring light…the Amsterdam bike garage photo is by David.

Here is a final look at our to-do list, and an estimated price breakdown for each completed task:

  • Fill screw holes and sand the headboard – Headboard wood and supplies were $130
  • Install baseboard at wall patch area, install quarter round throughout the room – We already had these
  • PAINT – headboard will be white, walls will be white and Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, trim will be white,touch up paint on trim and at edges – Benjamin Moore Natura in Palladian Blue was $60, Primer and roller pads $20, We already had the white semi-gloss trim paint by Mythic
  • Find an attractive extension cord/power strip for our lamp, it will be hidden behind the headboard
  • Buy the FJELLSE pine bed from Ikea, chop off the head board, sand, paint it white, spray paint screws – $50
  • Buy plastic bins for headboard storage
  • Move the two file cabinets down to the basement – Free man labor, thanks David
  • New window treatments, probably some inconspicuous white cellular shades – $100 for off-the-shelf blackout cellular shades by Allen + Roth at Lowes
  • Rework existing wall art and restyle the headboard contents – $10 for gesso and posterboard
  • Maybe a new duvet cover, and dye existing off-white duvet covers and blankets – idye packs are $3 each
  • We need to do something about the Ikea Poang, new cushion cover?
  • Find a couple of decorative pillows – the orange chinoiserie pillow was a gift from my Mom, but I’d like one more pillow
  • Maybe a neutral jute or striped rug, eventually

Total spent so far, $375 (rounded up) – Not too shabby for a new bed, window treatments, and paint job

BONUS PRIZE! You also get to see what else we hung up this weekend. There are no more frames on our floors upstairs, it’s a good feeling after a year of nothing on the walls. We actually had too much to hang, so some is stashed away for future switches. Not that diplomas are wall art, but they are funny when hung in bathrooms. I credit our Chicago friends, Matt and Joey, with the diploma in bathroom idea. Maybe in our next house.


Our upstairs hallway gained a gallery wall
Estelle’s big girl room is inching toward completion, next project is a cool headboard for her…
The animal prints were found at the Golden Nugget Flea Market in July.

The photo bomber seems pretty pooped, and so am I! We have fun plans for Labor Day weekend, and I hope you all do too. We will surely have good material for a blog post next week, or you can stay tuned via Instagram @southfeasterdelphia for more instant gratification.



8 Responses to Bedroom Reveal

  1. Kristen says:

    The rooms/walls look great guys! We need you here to help us with our walls! Maybe by March we will have enough wall hangings and inspiration to get ours off the floor and in their proper spots. You guys are so creatitive and talented – I wish I had a fraction of your artistic abilities! Can’t wait to see it in person soon 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    It looks great, I had no idea you could dye a blanket or duvet! I will have to remember that one for future redos.

  3. Christina says:

    Well done! Everything looks great and I bet you guys are excited to be nearly finished 🙂 As always, I love your style. You put me to shame getting this stuff done! Hah. My only excuse is pure laziness! 😉

  4. Your house is looking great, Stephanie! Kudos! Hope you had a great weekend with your family. xo style, she wrote

  5. herlucidsKy says:

    Very nice!! What type of purple is your daughter’s wall color?

    • Thanks for visiting! The purple is Deep Amethyst, Glidden Duo in eggshell…although we might have liked a flat paint better.

      • herlucidsKy says:

        Thank you so much for responding 🙂

        Now please excuse my ignorance for I know nothing about painting but I am very interested in this color as an accent wall. Why would you have preferred the flat paint vs the eggshell? I always assumed that the somewhat glossy finish would be more appealing but I’m sure there is much more to it than that.

  6. Kate says:

    Everything looks great– Loving the color on your bedroom walls, and that storage behind the bed is fantastic! On thinking you might have gone more flat with the Deep Amethyst, I did that once with a dark green, thinking it would hide the wall imperfections of an old rental better, but if anything rubbed against the wall, it left a dusty un-wipeable trail. But now I’m pondering whether to go eggshell or flat for Levin’s navy?! Either way, I love how the saturated color on her wall looks, especially with those animal prints! Great work.

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