Grocery List: A Less Dreadful Chore

We spent years of making dinner pretty much on the fly, and stopping by the grocery store as needed. Then we threw a kid into the mix with working parents, and things just got messy. Somehow, about a year ago, David became the primary grocery shopper. I think it started when Estelle turned two, and she was impossible to take the grocery store for more than 3 minutes. One of us had to stay home while the other person did the shopping, and that eventually evolved into me staying home doing chores and minding the little one while David did his best to navigate my list and the store. We are now to the point where dad and daughter can actually go shopping together, usually in the morning before the store gets crowded.

Making a weekly dinner menu and grocery list ranks pretty high on my list of most hated things to do. It has taken a while, but I think I finally have this list thing figured out! I really had an “a-ha” moment last weekend when I had the idea to use an extra envelope for my weekly list. I added some fun hand writing to make it look a little more special. Bonus: the envelope is perfect for holding coupons and recipes!


After the grocery trip, the menu can be put some place handy. In our case it’s above the kitchen sink.


I really cannot say enough about how much this helps our daily lives. A little bit of effort up front really pays off. If you can, give it a try. No worries if not. I have also been known to use the iPhone Notepad Ap to email the list to David. This is equally as helpful since I always have my list with me for more perishable or last minute purchases.

My Type A Tip of the Day is to organize your grocery list by where things appear in your store. This requires a draft list, which I probably shouldn’t admit to doing, but I like nice looking final lists. I’m just keeping it real and embracing my Type A tendencies over here!

I promise to include a cute kid and cat post next, but it may also include paint…that’s just how we roll these days. Pun intended, paint, roll, get it?

Two days until the weekend, hey-o!



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