Bedroom Progress

And by progress, I mean…we’re still not finished! Trim painting in unglamorous work, and there’s not much to show for it, aside from crisp white trim. It’s a welcome change from the crusty state it was in before. Wall paint is on the schedule for next weekend.

Estelle was playing by the pool with Dave’s parents while we hunched over priming and painting the bed, headboard, and trim. We also locked Lola downstairs since it was extremely likely that she’d want to rub up on some wet paint. The long stints of whining meowing let us know she was not pleased to be locked out of her boudoir.

David took down the dark and dusty curtains and blinds, and check out all that light! The curtains are washed and ready for a new home if anyone is interested! We are replacing them with white blackout cellular shades. I like curtains, just not in our house, the radiators tend to get in the way and the plaster walls don’t hold a screw very well. We still have one little corner of trim to finish, thanks to some significant patching that had to take place.



The headboard and bed are now white. The screws heads on the bed will be spray painted white next weekend.

The plaster on this wall was primed, in case you didn’t notice the change from white to white…

Stay tuned for painted wall progress next week. I will be back later this week with a post about tackling one of my least favorite chores…meal planning and grocery lists. Exciting stuff, right? Nope, but a girl’s gotta eat.



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