Domino Instagram Randomness

Domino Magazine! Who else terrible misses this home decorating publication? My heart just about broke when I got the notice of my last Domino magazine a few years back. I have a weird thing about magazines. I love reading them, but hate keeping and storing them. David loves to keep them. I have to pin him down and force him to part with his back issues of GQ, Sports Illustrated, and various architecture-related stuff. Poor guy! I used to tear out my favorite pages of Domino, and put them in a big binder. Now, I just use Pinterest…

Anyways, back to my original topic, Domino. It is back on newstands, but not monthly. They have a Domino Quick Fixes publication out now, on paper and available digitally via iPads, Kindles, and Nooks. I ordered one for the iPad, and am slowly savoring it. You can even shop straight from the pages, not that I can afford much of anything! If you also miss this magazine, I highly suggest getting your hands on a copy. It was about $7 via iTunes.

Now, on to other random stuff. I’m actually home today. I have a cold, and really needed a day to just lay around, rest, and watch old episodes of Doc Martin. I thought I would create a little gallery of Instagram photos that may or may not have been shared on this blog or on Facebook. Enjoy!

This weekend brings a nighttime trip to Longwood Gardens’ light installation by Bruce Munro and lots of painting. Here’s hoping you have a fun, relaxing, and productive weekend!



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