Headboard Shelf Progress

We took advantage of a weekend at home, and got to work on our master bedroom headboard shelf.

David did most of the work, and Estelle and I lent a hand when we could.

The headboard shelf is held up by 3 rectangular frames attached to the floor and walls. The boards facing out are screwed into these frames, and the 2 pieces that make up the top sit on top of everything. The top boards can come up when we need to access that space.

Since we are literally taking away 8 sq. feet of floor space in an already small room, we will use this is as off-season clothes storage. Our gift wrap storage container fits perfectly, and I think we could fit 4 in the space.  File bins fit perfectly too, and we could stack 3 high if we go that route.

The next 3 shots give you a better idea of what is left to do.

To Do List:

  • Fill screw holes and sand the headboard
  • Install baseboard at wall patch area, install quarter round throughout the room
  • PAINT – headboard will be white, walls will be white and Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue (top swatch), trim will be white
  • Find an attractive extension cord/power strip for our lamp, it will be hidden behind the headboard
  • Buy the FJELLSE pine bed from Ikea, chop off the head board, sand, paint it white
  • Buy plastic bins for headboard storage
  • Move the two file cabinets down to the basement
  • New window treatments, probably some inconspicuous white cellular shades
  • Rework existing wall art and restyle the headboard contents
  • Maybe a new duvet cover, and dye existing off-white duvet covers and blankets

That was a productive weekend. Thanks to David for all of his hard work! Have a great week.



2 Responses to Headboard Shelf Progress

  1. Bunny says:

    Fred built a similar headboard for us in the mtns except ours has shelves. Love what you have done

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